How to meet pretty ladies in a casino? I’ve read this question somewhere, it was asked by a filthy rich man who for the longest time has been in search of a substantial woman, nothing slutty - who shares the same interest as him – gaming. Unfortunately, even up until the time this post is published he hasn’t found his match yet. 

Personally, I would love at some point to dress up like one of the Bond Girls – in a sparkly, sexy and glamorous outfit and descend gracefully on a red carpeted grand staircase with toes in glittery Jimmy Choos, meet cool men that care less about throwing away money playing Baccarat and enjoy the luxuries life has to offer. In reality - it is scarier than I could ever imagine and if you’re a real woman you are most likely not like the girls that James Bond meets at the gaming halls. You know how it is in real life, on a smoky and tricky poker table.

Bond girl Sévérine (Bérénice Marlohe) from 'SkyFall'

It may sound like a cinematic prospect but it is not far from happening. In fact, it is happening. Most of the sharp women of the world now prefer to engage to gaming online. We cannot discount the fact that the number of women in the online gaming scene has dramatically increased over the past years and they’re slowly become a significant part of this industry. 

As a matter of fact, so many of the online gaming sites these days are now designed to be gender friendly, women friendly to be exact. PGbingo for example is one site that caters to the needs of this demographic and for the most part it is being received very well. The site is designed to be graphically attractive which women find enticing. Site navigations are user friendly and above all jackpot prizes are exceptional. I just hope one day, online gaming will have washers and refrigerators as prizes too, that would be great! 

According to a US survey, online gaming has roughly returned $29.3 billion in terms of revenues in 2011 and there are no signs of slowing down. In truth, they're even gaining a niche in online gaming advertising.

Well, I think the trend will continue, and what can be sweeter than winning jackpot in a 90 Ball Bingo at the comfort of your living room with rollers on your hair, clad in a comfy snuggie - all safe and secure.

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