I won’t argue to the idea that photography is definitely a creative discipline. How creative is creative? This varies widely depending on the form of photography. Some offer less room for personal expression, others do it for personal expression and satisfaction.

On this note, I took the first and the second photo in its purely aesthetic angle, I was really happy that it turned visually pleasing, but I realized creativity has an immense power, power that can mold public opinion, power that has the ability to create a vision and eventually labels that angle that you have seen.

The below photo is actually the real panorama, these are people underprivileged to owning a land, and the whole stretch of this area is all occupied. I understand that in an open-class society there can never be equality, but I think is it through this power that I am sending this message to the ‘good’ people in power of this city, heed to the plea of this people.

Lastly, we must take control of our creative sides and give them something positive to do, or they will take control of us. Photos all taken a Magsaysay Park here in Davao City.

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