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Sometimes people turn to drugs to fill a need. People use stimulants to pick themselves up. They use downers to relax. Sometimes people use a variety of drugs to fit in with their peers. Eventually repeated use of drugs changes the body's chemical balance impacting things like moods, perceptions and physical capabilities. 

Road to Recovery
Road to Recovery

In addition to the normal changes the body experiences when on drugs, the body is also exposed to some risk via the method the drug components are transferred to the body. Intravenous drugs use needles to bypass the skin barrier and deliver directly to the blood stream. In most cases, a user's access to needles is not under ideal circumstances and often involves non-sterile needles, possibly used or contaminated needles, which introduces other factors such as bacteria and germs into the bloodstream. 

Other methods of drug use include inhalation of vapors, snorting lines of dust, eating the drugs or placing the drugs on the skin. Each method brings its own factors of risk for contamination of the body normally protected by bodily processes by bypassing those protections. People who snort might see a deterioration of the nasal passage as well as a change in the mucus component meant to keep the sinus cavity protected. People who inhale drugs put the lungs at risk and any part of the body exposed to chemical vapors during the inhalation. Repeated exposure to chemical changes how a body responds and impact the body's ability to function.

In every case of drug use the body is at risk because there are no 100% guarantees that all factors are the same as before. The body changes. The person changes. The drug changes. No batch of drug is always the same.

Consider Conflicts of Interest

Drug dealers are part of a business in which the goal is to profit, just like any other business. Many people forget that because most of the mind when focused on drugs is focused on emotions. Drug use is often driven by a desire to feel better, to seek a specific feeling or state of existence. During the chase of the desired mental or physical state, drug users are not always rationale and don't make the best of decisions which is why drug users tend to lose focus on the fact that drug dealers in an effort to make a profit, just like any other business facing rising overhead costs, will cut or change the product in order to lower costs of operations and increase profit margins.

Drug dealers do not have the same interests as a drug user. There is a conflict of interest between the user and the seller with regards to the user's overall health. And this does not even begin to address the health issues of a body that finds itself attacked suddenly by non-drug related diseases or issues like cancer, organ failure and various diseases. People who are on medications for a health issue can't know how the illegal drug will interact with and change the outcome of a prescribed drug's impacts. Doctors prescribe drugs based on knowledge of what a patient is already using and disclosing to minimize negative drawbacks on the patient but rare is the patient who discloses illegal drug use to a doctor or anyone the patient feels can't be trusted. 

Detox for Your Own Reasons

Most arguments for detoxing tend to focus on job related and legal reasons which are very serious and great points. Or people argue about gateway drugs with one light drug leading to heavier use. But the greatest reason to detox is because the user wants it and their body needs it. Don't let the body struggle harder beneath the load it already bears by adding further issues especially if the user is already facing an illness or disease with known medical pathways to eradication of those issues. Trust the proven science and help your body back to good health.

Going to a good start for individuals in the Washington state area who want to find a detox center to assist them. Detox Local listings are here to help people who want to detox themselves for any reason. People found at these listings want to help, not judge, and can be trusted to understand the issues and barriers to detoxing. Let them help you detox and feel better.

The ease of travelling these days has brought many of us, not only get to enjoy the sights and sounds of unfamiliar distant places but we also get to take pleasure in savouring the authentic flavours and experience the food culture of other places. 

The idea of getting lost walking in the foreign city streets and get to savour the food on the side roads, meeting locals and making new friends along the way gets me so excited thinking – I need this experience marked off my bucket list real soon. I also came to know that many of the street foods around the world aren’t just simple bite-ins one can pick and go, they’re a storied food tradition that dates back in time and an authentic celebration of a collective heritage of the place and I must say the rightful heart and soul of international cuisine.

But sad as it may seem, a lot of us, that including myself, hasn’t gone savouring the world yet. 

Ohh universe, bring me to Mexico ora mismo, thinking about quesadillas, tamales, flautas, tacos, burritos right now.  But you know what? I think I’m no total disappointment when it comes to finding awesome places where to experience the street flavours of the world. In fact, I know just a perfect food destination where we all can enjoy the street foods of the world without having to break in the bank for airfare.

VIKINGS LUXURY BUFFET here in DAVAO will bring you the STREET FOODS OF THE WORLD this whole month of August. And again, you don’t need to travel the world, just a short trip down south to get the taste of the legendary street foods of the world. 

And call me one lucky famished soul I got to sample few of them. 

Rou jia mo (China). These meat burgers or Chinese hamburgers consist mainly of chopped pork meat and julienned veggies put in between a pita-like bun. I love its combo of flavours, it fits the Filipino tongue.  And why wouldn’t it be? We’ve been eating Chinese food since time immemorial. They’re best eaten when the buns are still warm as they’re still soft and not overly chewy. You should try this!

Rou jia mo, Street foods of the world, Vikings Luxury Buffet Davao
Rou jia mo of China

Suppli (Italy). Said to be one of Rome's best classic street foods. These balls are made mainly from rice; hence they’re commonly called Italian Rice Balls. There’s a mishmash of flavours in here – tomato sauce, egg, bits of meat and the mozzarella made these balls a stand-out. You shouldn’t miss this for the world.

Suppli, Street foods of the world, Vikings Luxury Buffet Davao
Suppli of Italy

Durum (Turkey). Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey is constantly written by world’s notorious foodies to have one of the best street foods in the world and Durum is, without a doubt considered to be one of their street staples. 

The stuffing of Viking’s version is mainly beef with hearty helpings of spices and veggies. The easy-going taste of this handy food made it very Pinoy-tongue friendly. I suggest you take this slow; the pita wrap can be very filling as it comes in a generous portion. Make room for more up ahead.

Durum of Turkey
Durum of Turkey

Jerk Chicken (Jamaica). Whatever the story behind, how ever this is made, one thing is certain – I can thrive in the streets of Jamaica and the Caribbean with Jerk Chicken alone. This moist, fragrant, all-spiced and warm piece of a fowl is really good. The accompanying rice in mild fusion of spices and herbs perfectly hit it home. Full meal!

Jerk Chicken, Street foods of the world, Vikings Luxury Buffet Davao
Jerk Chicken of Jamaica

Tacos Al Pastor (Mexico). I’m a fan of Mexican food; they’re unpretentious and superbly tasty. This particular dish is made out of thin bits of pork with Mexican flair of spices and herbs laid on a limp tortilla. Two swift bites and I am one happy diner, recommended pick!

Tacos Al Pastor, Street foods of the world, Vikings Luxury Buffet Davao
Tacos Al Pastor of Mexico

Pork Satay (Indonesia). More like our afternoon street barbeque only that it comes with a peanut sauce. So if you want something out of your usual ketchup/toyo-based bbq sauce, then this is a satisfying pick!

Pork Satay, Street foods of the world, Vikings Luxury Buffet Davao
Pork Satay of Indonesia

Espetinho (Brazil). Usually this comes in a variety of grillable raw food - pork, spiced beef, chicken, some even hotdogs, shrimps etc. The meat is threaded all together in a little skewer and is cooked over a griller. The ones that we sampled were pork with mushrooms and peppers neatly corded on a skewer. I would say that Vikings version looks like a little posh than the actual though, with the sauce in a jigger, but this is the closet to real it can get. Taste good to me! You should experience Brazil, pick a stick!

Espetinho, Street foods of the world, Vikings Luxury Buffet Davao
Espetinho of Brazil

Crepe (France). Probably one of the most versatile street foods I’ve ever known. Crepes can be with anything you want – Nuttela, choco syrups, jams, fresh fruits, etc. – your choice. And we got ice cream on our crepe, sweet! Just a perfect dish to finish-off an awesome Viking’s street food experience.
Crepe, Street foods of the world, Vikings Luxury Buffet Davao
Crepe de France

You shouldn’t miss this food experience for the world.  See you at Viking’s this August.

STREET FOODS OF THE WORLD will be available every dinner on weekdays 
and lunch/dinner on weekends for the whole month of August. 

Ground Floor, The Fountain Court, 
SM Lanang Premiere,
 J.P. Laurel Ave, Davao City
Phone: (082) 285 3888

Hours: Open today • 11:00 am – 2:30 pm, 5:30 – 10:00 pm

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If you love the water so much that your friends question if you are part fish, there are plenty of places in the United States that are ideal for an water-themed vacation. As a bonus, many of these are not crowded beaches but rather off the beaten path locations that offer the beauty and serenity of water but without tons of tourists. Check out these secluded and scenic water destinations:


Tamolitch Pool, McKenzie River, Oregon

Tamolitch Pool is also known as Blue Pool for good reason—the small pool of water near the McKenzie River east of Eugene and Springfield, Oregon, is like a miniature Crater Lake in the middle of the forest. As Every Trail notes, Tamolitch Pool is reached by a relatively easy hike along the McKenzie River trail. The first part of the hike goes through old growth Douglas fir, and features a slow climb to an old lava flow area, below which lies the serene and clear blue pool. Although you can technically make your way down the embankment and swim in the water, be aware that it is exceptionally cold. Instead, consider packing a picnic lunch in your backpack, spread a blanket on a large rock above the water and enjoy your meal overlooking one of the more memorable bodies of water in the country. For lodging, nearby Eugene and Springfield have plenty of hotels, motels and bed and breakfasts.

Lake of the Isles, Minnesota

In a state nicknamed “the land of 10,000 lakes” you know there will be plenty of incredible bodies of water to visit. For example, the Lake of the Isles is a low-key and uncrowded place, with breathtaking views of the large homes that surround it. While Lake of the Isles does not have any beaches, it’s a great spot for water sports like canoeing, kayaking and fishing. In the winter, the lake transforms into an ice skating rink. Because Minnesota gets pretty cold in the fall and winter, if you travel to Lake of the Isles during these seasons, be sure to bring along the proper cold-weather clothing.

Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, Oahu

Hawaii is home to many incredible water destinations, some of which feature more fish than tourists. For example, HanaumaBay Nature Preserve in Oahu offers some of the clearest and bluest waters in the world, making it ideal for snorkeling. The city and county of Honolulu have reduced the number of visitors to this body of water and have added restrictions to keep the bay clean and the marine ecosystem healthy. Unlike the busy Waikiki Beach and other spots around Oahu that are filled with tourists, at Hanauma Bay you’ll find fewer people. The bay is located around 30 minutes from Waikiki; you can stay there and then rent a car to drive to the preserve. Since the preserve only features a snack bar, bring along a picnic lunch and set aside enough time to watch the educational video and do some snorkeling.

Awesome news to all barbeque lovers! 

Bulgogi Brothers, famed for its authentic Korean dishes, is now serving right portions at a much lighter price on their prime barbeque offerings.

“Now, more diners can enjoy our barbeque offerings as we re-portioned the sizes of the meat making them more affordable,” said Bistro Group AVP for Marketing, Lisa Ronquillo.

I love all of the assortments of perfectly marbled meats seasoned to perfection in this restaurant.  They’re delightfully tender with superb play of flavours that burst so much pleasure when they land in your mouth.

I’m a light eater and this news of re-portioning the sizes of their meat servings appeal to me like Christmas. Besides it now being reasonably priced, there would be no left-overs on my plate anymore. Talk about ‘sulit’and best value for my dining money.

The Bulgogi Brothers Special was used to be P1495. But with the re-portioned size that can serve two, it has cut the price almost half at now P695. It still comes with the side salad, three Korean side dishes (banchan) and the essential condiments for a more enjoyable meal.

The Bulgogi Brothers Special
The Bulgogi Brothers Special Platter

This platter of Premium Rib Eye and Boneless Short Ribs that is tender, flavourful and perfectly marbled meat is now serving for only P995.

Premium Rib Eye and Boneless Short Ribs
Premium Rib Eye and Boneless Short Ribs Platter

Unyang Style Bulgogi, a famous tasty dish traditionally served in Korean royal court is now made so affordable at P495.

Unyang Style Bulgogi
Unyang Style Bulgogi Platter

And if you’re a non meat eater, this Mushroom Bulgogi that comes with enoki, oyster, black fungus and shiitake mushrooms steamed right on your table can be a very mouth-watering option. No worries, now for only P495.

Mushroom Bulgogi

And in honor of true Korean food tradition, all Korean barbeque dishes are served with a variety of kimchi side dishes, dipping sauces and fresh lettuce to make a delicious and healthy wraps.

Jal Meokkesseumnida!

Second Level, SM Lanang Premier, 
Lanang, Davao City 

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Are you planning on relocating to or from the Ottawa area this year? If so, will you be doing all the work alone as many families? When it comes to moving across long distances let's say from one province to another, you may wish to consider your options with Ottawa moving companies. Most families often wish to save money instead of hiring a moving company; however, there are several reasons that hiring a moving company will actually save you time and money. 

If you are moving from one province to another or even relocating to another country there are many different things to consider that you may not know. There are rules and laws regarding the items that can be transported, customs, and other things that you will need to learn about before you start loading that truck and going across the country. 

Not only will you need to know the laws but you will also more than likely have to make more than one trip across the country in order to have all of your belongings in your new location. By hiring a moving company in Ottawa, all of your belongings will be taken at the same even if that means that the company will need to use more than one truck for transporting your belongings. If you consider the costs involved in taking more than one trip, you may be surprised that allowing a moving company to transport your household goods may just be cheaper. 

What about the proper packing? There are specially designed boxes and packing material to ensure that your household items can survive the long distance move and stay intact. Moving companies have experience and have the knowledge to use the proper boxes, packing materials and even load the truck properly to ensure that all items arrive in the same shape they were in when packed and loaded. Too many times, we just run down to the store and grab boxes that may not protect our items or we may not load the truck properly and our items are tossed around or boxes may fall and we end up with broken items.

The  main  thing to consider is  the time you will have to take off from work in order to pack all of your belongings, have utilities turned off  in the old resident and everything ready in your new location. 

If you just consider the  amount  of time it  will save you to hire a professional moving company you will see that you can  save money as  you  will still be able to work and still have the time to do all the necessary things that must be done before moving; but not have the stress and worry of packing, loading, and unloading your household goods

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Nothing so new about this actually, most moms with school children having school projects have done this many times in their lives. 

But when I came across this video on Youtube featuring a man creating beautiful and intricate pieces out of cutting papers, I said, maybe I should try doing one, something a little upgraded than a school project. (lol) I have time to spare these days anyway so why not get started. 

So the basics would be a steel ruler, (mine is quiet long actually, the ideal would be just the 6” long) a pencil and eraser for sketching patterns, a craft knife (you can score one at hardware stores, but National Bookstore also has pretty ones, whichever runs convenient for you), a cutting mat and of course the paper. I think I bought a thicker one at 225gsm for my first work. I should have bought the thinner ones so I won’t be putting much pressure when cutting, my fingers we're sore after the session.

Anyway, after three hours I did my very first freehand papercut art. I call this series - Fire, Water, Wind and Earth. 

Thought not bad for a first-timer, what Do you think?

PAPER CUTTING: On finding a hobby because I have time to spare

PAPER CUTTING: On finding a hobby because I have time to spare

PAPER CUTTING: On finding a hobby because I have time to spare

PAPER CUTTING: On finding a hobby because I have time to spare

Paper Cutting Tools, Woman Elan Vital
Paper Cutting is a hobby with simple and cheap tools you can just find around the house. 
But it's amazing to see it would give-off beautiful and fulfilling results. 
I also love how this hobby have tested my patience up to the very end of the project.

Try it!
Your closet may be completely unorganized right now. Closer sitting at the bottom of the closet, there are boxes and accessories everywhere, and it is impossible to find anything. You have seen plenty of fashion magazines were people have their bedroom closets organized beautifully, and you don’t want to spend a fortune to get it to look that way. This is completely understandable, and there are ways to organize quickly and affordably.


When you can find discounts and even coupons on organizational items, it is always a good thing. For instance, there are some really good Kohl's coupons or promo codes available often, so remember to always check for them. This will allow you to purchase the higher end items so that you can give your bedroom closet the extra look that you desire.

Save some of your shoeboxes. They come in all different sizes, and they can help to organize your drawers. You may place bras, socks, or even panties inside the shoeboxes so that nothing runs together.

If you have been looking for a way to keep your boots upright so that they don’t sag over, pool noodles can be purchased. You can cut them to the length of your knee high or thigh high boots and keep them upright within the closet.

Tie your scarves around a hanger so they don’t drape around and fall off to land on the floor. Shorts can go in the closet, too and you can use shower rings. Just hang them up with the belt loop.

When you keep linen sheets in your closet, use the pillow case to keep the matching set together. Just slide the fitted and flat sheet inside of the case and stack it on a shelf. You can also use the tabs from soda cans as a way of creating a double hanger so you don’t have to go out and buy the fancy ones. Still, if you decide to get something more traditional, you can shop online at Target and choose from their wide selection of affordable items.

Also, you want to make sure to get rid of items that you no longer wear. Turn all of your hangers backwards and as you were them, return the hanger front words. If you still have items at the end of 12 months that are still backwards on the hanger, you know you aren’t wearing them, and they should be donated.

There are some items that you can buy, like shelf dividers and caddies. These can be used within the closet for all of the folded items – and discounts can generally be found on these things.

It may be best to empty out your closet, decide what you want, and then begin slowly organizing everything so that there is order to it all. Get creative with some of the tips that we have included. And when you want some fresh ideas, browse the web and visit such sites as to discover amazing new solutions.

Pool tables were once the domain of smoky pool halls and swanky lounges where gentlemen wager on their own skills.  These days, however, it’s quite common for homeowners to have a pool table right in their own homes.  Pool tables can offer many hours of fun and entertainment (and maybe even a little healthy competition!) for your family, but it’s important to choose the right kind of table for your family.  Let’s explore the various types of tables that are available so that you can go into the purchasing process with an idea of what you are looking for.


One of the first considerations you must make when it comes to purchasing a pool table is the size.  Be sure you have enough room not only to accommodate the size of the table itself but also leaving enough room around the table for the players to comfortably play.  As such, you’ll need quite a large space available if you are going to have enough room for your pool table.  Always take accurate measurements not just of the room you are thinking of putting your table in, but of the actual space you have to allot to the table.  For example, if your rec room has a sofa and a big-screen TV in it, don’t count the area taken up by those things in your measurements (unless you will be moving them to accommodate the pool table).

The  next  consideration  is  the type of material you’ll want your pool table to be made of.  Generally, Calgary pool tables are made of one of three types of materials:  vinyl laminate, veneer laminate, and solid wood.  The main thing to remember here is that the material you choose will dramatically affect the price of your pool table.  Solid wood tables are by far the most expensive option.  Not only do they feature the beauty of solid wood (typically soak, cherry, maple or mahogany) they also have the best craftsmanship and are the longest-lasting of the pool table options, all factors that add to the higher price tag.

Mica or vinyl laminate tables are much less expensive because they are not made from solid wood.  They typically are constructed out of unframed slate and lesser-quality leather.  Because they are not made of solid wood they cannot be stained.  

Veneer laminated tables are constructed of wood with a veneer laid over top.  They are more durable than mica tables and come in a wider variety of colours.

If you are looking for a table that can be utilize outdoors, you’re in luck.  Some manufacturers offer weatherproof tables that serve another purpose when they aren’t being used for pool, such as having the ability to be transformed into a dining table or another type of games table, such as a poker table.

Shopping for a pool table for your family can be very daunting, but it doesn’t have to be.  The important thing is to do some research before you start shopping, choose a reputable source for your table, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have.  The staff at the store are there to help you choose the table that is right for you, and they have the knowledge and experience necessary to do so.  

Four Filipino contenders to travel around Asia with award-winning photographers;
Over 200,000 AirAsia BIG Points are up for grabs!

AirAsia and Nikon launch #IamAirAsiaTravelPhotographer Contest

Two office workers, a car salesman and a barista are stepping out of their comfort zones and into the challenges of becoming the first AirAsia Travel Photographer for 2015. The #IamAirAsiaTravelPhotographer contest  is jointly organized by AirAsia and ThinkDharma Inc. (exclusive distributor of Nikon Digital Cameras) in partnership with AirAsia’s global loyalty programme, BIG which will award winners with over 200,000 BIG Points or its equivalent free flights to any of AirAsia Group’s 100 destinations.

Assisted by multi-awarded photographers from the Philippines and Malaysia as their personal coach, four pre-selected contestants, namely Velvet Lagman-Macasaet, an executive assistant and marathon runner; Sarah Garcia, hotel front desk officer; TJ  Nepomuceno III, car salesman; and Paul Delfin, an indie music fan and barista, will be traveling across Asia for one week starting July 21. Online voting via will be opened to the public in August 20 with Nikon cameras and BIG Points to be given away to lucky voters. Grand winner will be announced in September 11.

AirAsia Philippines Chairperson Maan Hontiveros led the launching of the exciting contest with Strategic Partnership Head Jenny Au and Senior Marketing Manager Caroline Wong of AirAsia BIG. ThinkDharma Inc., meanwhile, is represented by Abrigo Merin, Chief Executive Officer of OPAL, and Paolo Salazar, Head of Business Unit.

Four multi-awarded photographers and respected leaders in the industry will be part of the AirAsia Travel Photographer contest as mentors of the four contestants.  Nikon Pros George Tapan, Raymond Cruz, Parc Cruz and AirAsia’s resident photojournalist Adam Lee will be traveling around exotic places in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand to help contestants capture their best entries across a range of categories that include landscape, food, portrait, architecture and travel.

Keep updated with AirAsia Travel Photography contest by using #IamAirAsiaTravelPhotographer and get the latest updates via Twiiter ( or Facebook (
The  beauty  of  any  garden  or  outer  lobby  is  definitely  enhanced  by plants, flowers and greenery. Equally important is a gazebo for any garden whether it is located inside a home, office or any other building or at a public place. For those, who don’t know much about a gazebo, it is a pavilion structure that is built in a  park,  garden  or  even at  any other public place. It is chiefly meant to make people sit or relax comfortably or to offer protection against scorching sunlight, heavy rains or such other harsh weather conditions. There are different types of gazebos to serve varying needs. The most reliable type is the heavy duty gazebos. Let us now see how to plan for a garden gazebo in your home.

Place for the gazebo 

It is the foremost point to consider while planning a garden gazebo. You need to decide at what spot of your garden you actually wish to install or construct the gazebo. The place must be big enough to incorporate a gazebo into it for its hassle-free installation or construction. At the same time, it should be such that sunlight, air and rainwater is allowed to reach the plants.


Size of the gazebo

After finalizing the exact spot for the gazebo, you must decide about the size of the gazebo. Obviously, it should be somewhat smaller than the space chosen for its installation or construction. It is because some space should be left free all around the gazebo for cleaning, walking, water draining or lighting purposes.


It is again an important point worth considering when planning a garden gazebo. Gazebos are available in varying shapes such as circular, rectangular, triangular, and octagonal and so on. You may select a shape according to the overall outer looks of your property.


Like other structures of any property, gazebos are also available in varying styles. It is all a matter of personal choice and the looks of your property. You may opt out of classical, modern or Victorian styled gazebos that may suit best as per backgrounds of your house or building.



Gazebos are made from different materials. Out of these, Cedar wood is the most preferred type as it is quite strong and durable. At the same time, it is also good from viewpoint of aesthetic value of your sweet home and particularly the garden area. Similarly, Vinyl PVC is also liked by the users. It is due to easy cleaning and maintenance of this material. It is also sturdy and long lasting similar to wood.

Costs involved in the installation of gazebos

Obviously, installation of a gazebo in your garden requires expenditure of huge amount of money. The only difference is that the amount of money spent may vary as per materials, style, shape and size of the gazebo to be installed or constructed. Therefore, you must keep an eye over your budget too while planning a gazebo for your garden.

This way you can successfully plan and install or built a gazebo in your garden and enjoy spending time inside it in the company of your family members or friends.