6 Customizations for your new bathrooms

You deserve a space to unwind after a long day, an area in your home where you can close the door behind you and experience privacy and quiet, if only for a few moments. While numerous locations in your home should exude this immediate calming effect you crave, an ideal place to focus in on is the bathroom.

Today, new home bathrooms don’t just serve a functional purpose but can bring the tranquility into your life that you desire, or maybe need. With just a little bit of planning, your bathroom can go from a space that you jump into as needed to one you look forward to spending time in each morning as you start your day and each night before bed.

Here are six customizations for new home bathrooms we know you’ll want to incorporate into your space.

Waterfront Davao's Insulares de Mayo

Waterfront Davao's Insulares de Mayo

Waterfront Insular Hotel Davao tells the story of three women on its second staging of “Insulares de Mayo” held May 31, 2019. Formerly just a celebration of the annual Santacruzan, this year’s version was crafted to be a three-act narrative about a woman’s encounter with her faith, fate and being Filipino. 

The story started with the pomp and pageantry of “Flores de Mayo”, highlighting the colorful creations of Davao City’s fast-rising couturiers. Garbed in imaginative renditions of the Philippine Terno as Reyna Sagalas were some of the region’s empowered women and civic leaders: Chairperson of Compostela Valley’s Provincial Women Development Council - Sholai Lim as Reyna de las Estrellas; Former Japanese Consul - Tomoko "Sophia" Dodo as Reyna Paz; Chef-Restaurateur of Rekado Davao - Pauline Benedicto-Mallillin as Reyna de las Propetas; Honorary Consul to Mexico - Dr. Maria Lourdes Monteverde as Reyna Emperatriz; Councilor-Elect of the 3rd District - Myrna Dalodo-Ortiz as Reyna del Cielo; Proprietor of Picobello Ristorante Italiano and The Swiss Deli and Restaurant - Rochelle Venuti as Reyna de las Flores; Mutya ng Davao 2000 - Leah May Luna-Panisales as Reyna de las Virgines; and the newly appointed Regional Director of the Department of Tourism Region XI - Tanya Rabat-Tan as Reyna Elena. 

Why Having A Role Model Is Important

Why Having A Role Model Is Important

Having a role model in life (or even more than one) is extremely important for all kinds of reasons. Without one, life would still be able to be lived, but it could be confusing, and when questions need to be asked, there might be no one to turn to. 

Finding a role model is not something you will necessarily go out and do intentionally, but as you grow up you will come across people, either people that you know or those whose lives you know a lot about, who seem to fit the criteria. Read on to find out why having a role model is important. 

Ideas For Being Able To Travel More Often

At Matinloc Shrine, El Nido, 
Palawan, Philippines

If you’re someone who enjoys getting away for long stretches of time and traveling, then you’ve come to the right place. The following ideas are going to help you further brainstorm practical ways for how you can make getting away more often a common occurrence in your life. Think of all the unique experiences and fun you’ll have when you’re off exploring new lands and eating exotic foods more frequently. Come up with a bucket list of places you wish to travel to so you have a good idea of where you want to go when you do get the chance to depart.

5 Career-boosting Reasons to Put Your Data Skills to Use

5 Career-boosting Reasons to Put Your Data Skills to Use

The ability to analyze, interpret, and act on data is one of the most useful skills a professional can have in today’s world, and that’s true of almost all industries. Data analysis enables us to study what has happened in the past so we can learn from it and adapt our plans in the future. From studying the world’s climate to predict the effects of global warming to a marketing team assessing how successful their most recent campaign was, understanding data analytics is a core skill we should all be familiar with. Here are just five of the ways data analytics could boost your career prospect.

5 trees that bloom all summer

Springtime is synonymous with blooming trees and shrubs. An asset to your property, flowering trees not only make your space aesthetically appealing, they also conceal unpleasant views and offer privacy. 

After the harsh winter months, looking at a backyard infused with color and vigor is certainly a feast to the eyes. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always last too long.

5 Great Reasons to Play a Game of Family Mini Golf

Most of us are so caught up with our busy schedules that we hardly get to spend time with our families. The week brings with it a whirlwind of activity, and before you know it, you’re on to the next one. While you’re struggling with work and the office, your children are busy with their school assignments and projects. 

What the family really needs is one day where they can just unwind, relax, and not think about their work and school schedules. A day when they can immerse themselves in a fun activity and do something that everyone enjoys.

5 Big reasons why you should stay at Seda Atria when in Iloilo City

I was still in my elementary school years when I last set foot in this city of love, Iloilo City. My mother is an Ilongga. Her family came from the town of Calinog located in the central part of Panay Island. I grew up in an Ilonggo-speaking household in a Bisaya community hence, I feel lucky to converse on both dialects.

When my family decided to go to Boracay for our summer vacation this year, I right away suggested that we flew to Iloilo and do the bus ride to Caticlan, the jump-off town to the island. I thought we’ll be hitting two birds at the same time - do beachin’ in Boracay and we get to see Panay countryside and explore Iloilo City thereafter. And that’s exactly what we did.

Iloilo City is a contrast of fast becoming an urbanized city outfitted with modern conveniences with still much of its old and historical character remains an integral part of its culture.

May The Fourth Be With You: Summer 2019 Pool Party at Marco Polo Davao

May The Fourth Be With You Summer Pool Party at Marco Polo Davao
The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to get a thrill out of it!
Come on and dance with me!

Marco Polo Davao, the premier 5-star hotel at the heart of the City, celebrates the summer season by hosting May The Fourth Be With You Summer Pool Party on May 4.

“This pool party is one of the many signature events of Marco Polo Davao. We are committed to be the trendsetter in the Davao Region. This is also to strengthen the local experience of our guests”, said Marco Polo General Manager Colin Healy.

General Manager Colin together with the hotel’s Heads of Department spearheaded the welcome of the hotel’s regular and most valued guests and partners with a laser lights pool party theme at the 4th level of the hotel.

Give the queen of our home the best Mom’s Day Treat at Seda Abreeza

Give the queen of our home the best Mom’s Day Treat at Seda Abreeza
A delightful urban staycation with a special add-on for the Moms 
plus a sweet and indulging lunch buffet 
on the 12th of May in Seda Abreeza.

It’s Mom Time and the queen of our homes deserves nothing but the best! Seda Abreeza has made the occasion very special – from a staycation treat to a sumptuous lunch buffet in Misto.   

Families may go for a staycation in style and comfort in Seda Abreeza’s room package from May 5 to 12, 2019. Moms get to have additional perks per stay as Seda partners with wellness businesses as Elysia Spa and Hello Amber. Elysia Wellness Spa has been a consistent partner of the hotel as its provider for years now and is headed by mom, businesswoman, and former DavWell chair Cherry Al-ag, while Hello Amber is a brand born in 2017 that personalizes handcrafted accessories and is owned by Cel Panganiban, a starting Mompreneur. 
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