bouncing back to enjoying life after midlife

Midlife is often considered a time of transition and change, where many people experience a range of emotions and thoughts about their past, present, and future. It can be a time of reflection, evaluation, and sometimes even regret, but it can also be an opportunity to start fresh and find new ways to enjoy life. Here are some tips to help you bounce back to enjoying life after midlife.

Embrace Change Midlife can be a time of significant change, whether it's related to your health, career, or personal relationships. It's essential to embrace these changes and view them as opportunities rather than challenges. Change can be scary, but it can also be a catalyst for growth and self-discovery.

Find New Interests Midlife is a great time to explore new interests and hobbies. It's never too late to learn a new skill or try a new activity. Whether it's learning a new language, taking up painting, or joining a sports team, finding something new to enjoy can bring a renewed sense of purpose and joy to your life.

Prioritize Self-Care Self-care is essential at any age, but it's particularly important during midlife. This is a time when many people start to experience physical changes and health concerns, so it's important to prioritize self-care activities that promote overall health and well-being. This can include regular exercise, healthy eating, meditation, or even just taking time to relax and recharge.


Hello there ladies, how are you all today? I’m so happy I’m able to write again today.

This post is special as I am honored to be named this year’s Globe Media Excellence Awards (GMEA) winner. GMEA is Globe Telecoms’s initiative to honor the newsmakers as well as organizations for exemplary work in bringing COVID-19-related issues to the attention of the public via print, broadcast, or digital media.

I truly thank the Lord for this blessing. Thank you also, Globe for this recognition. The past year was truly challenging for me. Even as I write this I am still feeling the uncomfortable feeling of experiencing anxiety. But I know this too shall pass. 

A Filipina Perspective on Perimenopause: Bouncing back from midlife challenges amidst the pandemic

"God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, 
courage to change the things I can, 
and the wisdom to know the difference.”
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Chapter 1: Bouncing back from midlife challenges amidst the  COVID-19 pandemic

Hello my dear friends, how are you all today? I seriously missed my blogger dashboard. It’s been a while since I have written something. But I am claiming my life back. I have a life to live and I am living it, no matter what. Sometimes one just needs to get through life’s tough storm to appreciate the placidity of it.

I have a lot to share in this post what I went through these past months and this can be a little long. But I am hoping that my experiences will inspire, give a little comfort for those who are going through the same experience as I do and I'll share some tips and tricks on how to get through these life’s phase called perimenopause with ease and naturally. 

I seriously didn’t get the memo that this is coming and it came like a tornado wrecking havoc affecting the quality of my life, like seriously!

I am 48 now and so qualified to be in the bracket. But so glad to have this age’s wisdom and truly thankful that I get to celebrate this number. Many weren’t given the privilege to reach this age and for that, thank you so much, Lord.

So what is perimenopause? This is a period in a woman’s life occurring before menopause. This is where her body physiologically makes the natural transition to menopause. Menopause is that one day in a woman’s life where her absence of period marks a full year and thus marking the end of her reproductive year.

M&S Personality Profile: DOT-XI Director Tanya Rabat-Tan on sustainable tourism

M&S Personality Profile: DOT-XI Director Tanya Rabat-Tan on sustainable tourism
Tourists should feel the authenticity of the place. 
On Tanya: Striped cotton top by M&S Collection

Tanya Rabat-Tan advocates sustainability, and practices what she preaches at home and at work. She carries a refillable water bottle, recycles, segregates disposables. In fact, she’s the woman behind Mati City’s Solid Waste Integrated Management (SWIM). The breakthrough project was implemented long before the Boracay rehabilitation was announced.

“SWIM aims to address coastal degradation of the Pujada Bay and the Dahican stretch caused by irresponsible solid waste disposal practices and illegal structures in the areas. These areas are major sources of livelihood for many and major tourism attractions of Mati. Dahican is a famous skim and surf site and home to the dugongs, dolphins, pawikans, whale sharks, while the Philippine Eagle soars the skies of Pujada Bay and nests at Mt. Hamiguitan Natural Heritage Park,” she shared.

Book Musings: Bitcoin Billionaires

Book Musings: Bitcoin Billionaires

I was so skeptical of this 'bitcoin' concept when it came out in many of the websites back in 2013. Probably because at lot of those sites who offer a way to invest were scams and you can't blame me for the doubts. But it was only when these Winklevoss twins made it to the news that I realized it's real and the price for 1 bitcoin has gone up to the roof and I can't afford it anymore.

Anyway, this book Bitcoin Billionaire talks about Bitcoin as not just some virtual currencies that pop out of the head of internet brainiacs. It runs deep that is rooted on the philosophy of Libertarianism in which it operates on decentralized digital currency -  borderless, countryless and it is based on Math and not humans. 

I never really followed the story of how the first Bitcoin Billionaires came to be and this book is a good read to know it. 

Intuitively written by Ben Mezrich, the same guy who wrote The Accidental Billionaires: The founding of Facebook, A tale of sex, money, genius, and betrayal that was adopted into the movie, The Social Network.

This is a good read if you want to understand Bitcoin and the blockchain technology more.

Highly Recommended and happy reading!

How to Manage Illness at Work

Megaworld Festive Walk, Iloilo City, Philippines
Finding time for yourself is also one way to manage illness at work

Falling ill can be one of two things: a slow process in which you are mentally prepared for it and have seen the signs developing, or a complete shock which can shake your world. 

One moment you’re plodding along with life, and the next, your productivity and abilities are affected by illness. Feeling unwell is not a welcoming feeling, that’s for sure. 

One of the most inconvenient situations about falling ill is to how to get through work. There may be some days when battling through deadlines or being expected to present to colleagues is a real challenge.

The reality is (depending on the severity) you can manage your condition and continue to work if you focus on your health and follow appropriate steps. 

How Tech Has Changed Online Education for the Better

How Tech Has Changed Online Education for the Better

Online education has made getting degrees and completing educational courses much easier for those who would otherwise struggle with traditional degrees. Those to benefit include the likes of individuals who have to prioritize family over education and those who would struggle to live away from home - such as carers. 

This article will show how technology has opened the doors to online education and allowed people to get the qualifications that they need to succeed. 

Flavors and Colors of Kadayawan 2019 at Seda Abreeza

Flavors and Colors of 34th Kadayawan at Seda Abreeza

Davao’s urban lifestyle hotel, Seda Abreeza kick-off the Kadayawan season by hosting a festive and flavorful gala for its stakeholders, patrons and media friends on Wednesday, July 24.

This year’s event which was held at the T’nalak hall was once again a hit for the guests with the culinary team of Misto staging its extraordinary prowess by showcasing the best flavors of Davao.

The hotel also celebrates another year of partnership with the Philippine Eagle Foundation and Malagos Chocolates. This year is extra special as Seda Hotels expands its corporate social responsibility initiative as it adopts a Philippine Eagle named “Mayumi” – a Filipino word that translates gentle or refined.  

5 Things Women Entrepreneurs Should Stop Doing

5 Things Women Entrepreneurs Should Stop Doing

It has been said time and time again: Men are from Mars, women are from Venus. Men and women think differently, behave differently, and are built differently. Sometimes, this can affect the way women do business.

Female entrepreneurs are thriving in the Philippines.  In fact, an earlier study conducted by a global payments company showed that the Philippines scored 68.0 on a scale of 100 to emerge as the 9th country “with the strongest supporting conditions and opportunities for women to thrive as entrepreneurs.”  The high index also means “high female representation of business owners in the economy.”

Thai Culinary Delights and Film Festival 2019 in Davao City

Cultural performance of Siam Niramit dancers,   a world-class production of Thai arts and cultural heritage.
Cultural performance of Siam Niramit dancers. 


Cultural Heritage

Hello, there my dear readers!

I’m ecstatic to share to with you a delicious blog post featuring the arts and flavors of Thailand. On Friday, The Royal Thai Embassy in cooperation with the Tourism Authority of Thailand hosted the 2019 ‘Thai Culinary Delights’ at DusitD2 here in Davao City. 

This event was made in celebration of the 70th Diplomatic Anniversary between the Republic of the Philippines and the Kingdom of Thailand and the first event of this kind to be held outside of Metro Manila.
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