If you are looking at obtaining a more youthful look without going under the knife, then skin tightening may be for you. Through laser skin tightening, infrared light is used to make the collagen in the skin to tighten or contract. Additionally, damaged skin cells are being replaced with newer ones. As a result, you should see immediate changes, without having to go through a recovery period. 

What Is Laser Skin Tightening? 

There are many different systems used in skin tightening procedures. All of these do the same, however, which is heating up the bottom layers of the skin, where the collagen is. At the same time, it cools the outside of the skin, which helps any visible external injuries to vanish. It is very similar to the process used during laser hair removal, as both use intense throbbing beams of light to treat a specific area of the skin. This light goes through all the layers of the skin.



Behind The Rolling Chair, BTS Gift Giving Project

I know we’re still wrapping up this school year. But I know too it’s never too early to prepare for the next. For those who have, buying school things is never a problem, but for many of our ‘kababayans’ who are weighed down to make their ends meet, this situation is a real heartache. For impoverished parents, it breaks their hearts to see their kids feeling sad because they have no means to buy even the most basic of school supplies. 

But thank heavens for people who have big hearts who initiated projects to give school bags and school supplies to our less privileged children; somehow it’ll make these parents heartache a little less painful and these children a lot happier. 

BEHIND THE ROLLING CHAIR, spearheaded by a fellow blogger, Naprey Almario is a group of big-hearted volunteers who have found passion in using their God-given gift to share their time, their effort and resources to send gifts of love to the children in various depressed communities in the Philippines.



The eyes are the windows to the soul, so the old saying goes. The eyes probably are the most intriguing sensory part of our body. It transcends beyond both its metaphorical and literal characteristics. While it is equally important to take on its symbolic aspect, it is rather easy to deal with the literal aspect of it. 

Since our eye area is biologically assigned the most delicate and fragile skin, it goes without saying that it is doubly sensitive to stressors and free radicals that we’re dealing with every single day. 

Wrinkles and Fine Lines 

Living in the tropics can be awesome, we enjoy sunshine all-year-round, but the bad side is that we’re vulnerable to sun damage. If not defied early on, this can develop into fine lines and wrinkles and the way to prevent this is to use good, effective, Retinol infused eye creams to avert this progression. 


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Simple and Sweet quote

This is what you do when you're killing time waiting for your doctor who moonlights in practically all known hospitals in town. Yeah, I understand you, Dockie, hence, gone to playbuzz.com and play and took a quiz on What Do The Pictures You Choose Say About You? 

I'm somewhere between believing the result is the real me and the reservations that, man, the machine said it so. LOL, I love the result of my quiz, anyway, hence, I'm posting it. So here, the result says;

You tend to be the shy one. but once you get to know someone, you break out of your shell. You love to talk for hours, about all types of things. You are full of knowledge, love, and you are a great friend. You are optimistic most of the time, and when bad things get thrown your way you try everything you can to make the best out of it. You're sensitive, but you don't let it show sometimes, you don't want to seem vulnerable. And when you believe in something, you always stand up for it. You have a great head on your shoulders. 

 Well, think the machine is a little right, sort of.. Wanna play? Here; https://www.playbuzz.com