AirAsia World Champion at Skytrax Awards for the ninth time

AirAsia World Champion at Skytrax for the ninth time
AirAsia Philippines Chief Executive Officer Captain Dexter Comendador (center left) 
and AirAsia Philippines Chairperson Marianne Hontiveros (center right) 
happily pose with the Cabin Crew.

AirAsia is the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline for the ninth year in a row. Asia’s largest low-cost carrier won the accolades at the 2017 Skytrax World Airline Awards in the Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace at Le Bourget Airport here yesterday.

AirAsia Group Cabin Crew Head Suhaila Hassan, who has been with the company for 20 years, accepted the award, flanked by AirAsia ambassador David Foster and Brazilian football player Roberto Carlos.

Back-To-School Breakfast Recipe: Jolly Grilled Malasugue in Creamy Mushroom Gravy

Jolly Grilled Malasugue in Creamy Mushroom Gravy
Jolly Grilled Malasugue with Creamy Mushroom Gravy

Hello Mommies!

School has officially started and like it or not we’re back to our usual crazy morning grind. If you think school kids are the only ones stressed with school stuff, well, think again. Mommies are too, especially mommies who run the kitchen day in and day out – and yeah, that would be me!

Running a household of five with no extra paid help is as stressful as the word itself. Hence, as much as possible I always put to a bare minimum any chore requirement there is around the house, especially when it comes to kitchen concerns.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals our kids should have. They need the most energy and nutrition from their meal to keep them active and have that undisturbed concentration at school.  I always encourage them to eat heavy breakfast. So much that most of time they come home with a nice savings as they skip buying something for recess and eat straight to lunch.

Marks and Spencer x Tobi Ang: On fatherhood, work & style

Marks and Spencer and Tobi Ang: On fatherhood, work & style
“Tobi likes to cook. Steak is his specialty,” said Michelle. 
On Tobi: M&S Collection pure linen polo over slim fit shirt& pure cotton chino shorts. 
On Michelle: M&S Collection linen rich dress

What’s keeping 36 year-old Tobi Ang says lately is learning to be a good father to his two young girls, Daniella (2.5y.o.) and Natalia (10 months) and "father" and leader of The Angcore Motor Group, where he sits as vice-president and COO.

“My day always starts waking up and spending time with my girls. The girls, Michelle, my wife, and our two girls are early risers, so I get to spend some quality family time with them before heading to the office,” shares Tobi.

We caught up with Tobi and his family in their lovely home. Over coffee, the young dad shared how he manages his time between being a dad, husband, and a businessman.

Cafe Marco salutes time-honored Filipino Favorite Cuisine

Cafe Marco salutes time-honored Filipino Favorite Cuisine

Marco Polo Davao, Mindanao’s only premier hotel,
celebrates the country’s 119th Independence Day
with a festive buffet of time-honored Filipino favorite dishes
at Café Marco from June 12 to 17, 2017.

Just like the heyday, main dishes were presented in a traditional earthen ‘palayok’ giving it an authentic Filipino feels.

I was one lucky earthling I got to sample all of what awaits you at Café Marco. Among my favorites were the fried tawilis, mechado, chicken sisig and ube halaya. All-time Filipino favorites, like kare-kare, afritada, fish paksiw, mechado, pinakbet, adobo and so much more await one and all who’ll come and savor true Filipino food culture.

Trust Home Depot’s Props to Pops, a Father’s Day Pop-Up Shop

Trust Home Depot’s Props to Pops, a Father’s Day Pop-Up Shop
Trust Home Depo Props to Pops Pop-up Store

Trust Home Depot honors all the Dads with a week-long Pop-up Shop from June 12-18, 2017 aptly called, “Props to Pops”!

As the head of the household, fathers are often too caught up in their efforts to provide for their families that they forget to pamper themselves. What better way to reward our dads than with personal products that will uplift their spirits and make them look and feel their best? Trust Home Depot has partnered with Boss Barbershop, Eight Wolves and Basti’s Brew to provide gift ideas and treats for the man who deserves our love and gratitude.

4 Fun Things to Do with Your Kids on Rainy Days

4 Fun Things to Do with Your Kids on Rainy Days

Rainy days can be blah, especially when your youngsters love to play outside. But you can spruce up their rainy days with fun indoor activities. Keep reading to gather ideas for things to do with your kids on rainy days. 

Have a Jam Session 

Break out some musical instruments and boogie down. Or, if musical instruments are nowhere to be found, use things around your house to make different sounds. For example, a collection of big and small pots could be drums. While a row of water-filled glasses could be melodic whistles in the background. It’s a fun way to both have fun with your kids and teach them about harmonies and other components of music.

US Potatoes: Power breakfast for your power kids

US Potatoes: Power breakfast for your power kids

Oh, how time really fly so fast. Where did my summer go? Before I’ll know it, it’s June and that could only mean one thing for most moms with school kids - lazy days are over and we’re back to our normal crazy morning grind.

Preparing breakfast for school kids is a standard routine for many mothers who ditch productive jobs for reproductive ones. I’m one of those who’s always on a live wire every single day of the year as I still have a grade schooler who is, not really picky but let’s just say, very exacting as to what I prepare for breakfast. So most often than not, I prepare a week-long breakfast menu so they would know what they’re getting for the day. This is not only to serve their curious cases, but for me to also organize my wits for a hassle-free mornings.

How to walk from Admiralty Station to Lower Peak Tram Terminus when in Hongkong

How to walk from Admiralty Station to Lower Peak Tram Terminus when in Hongkong

As I have said in my previous post, I am going to share with you directions how to walk from Admiralty Station to Lower Peak Tram Terminus. A lot of information available online is just how to walk from Central Station to Peak Tram Terminus so I thought some of you might need this one of these days. And I presume you're looking for this info as you landed on this page.

If you’re coming from Ocean Park taking the South Island Line it ends up in Admiralty Station. Well, you can always transfer to Red Line and proceed to Central but heck, why not explore.

So here’s how you go about this route.
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