Unilever’s Grand New Year Sale at shopee.ph this January 11!

Unilever’s Grand New Year Sale at shopee.ph

Watch out for FLASH SALES from Jan 9-11, 2019
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Hello there everyone!

The New Year celebration has not ended yet, here’s another round of celebration from Unilever at shopee.ph today!

To be great about yourself, to be beautiful without having to go over and beyond the budget is what would make a great new year’s resolve this year! 

And what better way to do that than start the year right with Unilever’s Big New Year Sale starting January 9-11, 2019 over at shopee.ph. Unilever celebrates Beauty Day and is giving as much as 50% on these superbrands; Pond’s, Tresemme, St. Ives, Dove and so much more.

To all mommies out there whose mantra is to save extra bucks this year, start it by getting up to 30% Off on Unilever’s Grocery Day, today! Home superbrands like Surf, Breeze, Knorr and many more lets you save by 30% off the tag price.

Loans | Financing Management Information System Developer in Davao City

Loans | Financing Management System Developer in Davao City

Loans and financing has become one of the lucrative businesses in the recent years. It has become a robust business owing to the increasing necessity for quick cash due also to the increasing fluid demands of cash for spending for all kinds of things and circumstance people can think of possible in this modern times.

Line 24 Software offers solution with multiple features of easing loans and financing business transactions by providing cost-effective, efficient, customizable and user-friendly automated loans and financing information management system.

Line 24 Software Loans / Financing Management Information System is a solid and robust software engine that can be used to track operation details of any nature of loans and financing business. Line 24 Software facilitates customer quality experience by providing fast turnaround of service, transparency, competency and efficiency of lending solution services.

How To Maintain Good Health

How To Maintain Good Health - Woman Running on the beach

To be consistently healthy throughout your life, you must maintain certain habits. After all, you can’t assume that you can eat one nutritional meal a week and continue with junk food for the rest – it just doesn’t work like that. 

First, it all starts with practicing better self-care. Make a list of goals of what you feel could be improved when it comes to your mental and physical wellbeing. Next, you must start eating proper meals, get active, sleep enough and even meditate. 

Achieving your optimal health will require you to adopt many habits that benefit you, and not merely one. 

What app to use to preview your artwork on the wall?

What app to use to preview your artwork on the wall?
"Charms on acrylic paper"
I'm trying out this WallApp to preview my art on the wall

What app to use to preview your artwork on the wall?

Hello everyone, wazzup?

I’m a real hard work in progress when it comes to this new found hobby of mine. I know I still got a lot of paint jars to go practicing. But just as what veteran artists would say, constant practice is the key and that’s just what I’m doing. Though I just got so little window doing this between closing codes and household chores but still I find this a calming diversion and a real 180 degrees mood shifter.

This is my latest art work, I call it Charms. Geez! Still got to work harder on my foliage strokes but this is what I call my finished job at this point of my humble skill. I’m proud of my little achievement so I tried swagging it up a little bit thinking how it’ll look on the wall, hahaha!

Why is Cauda Equina Syndrome an emergency?

Cauda Equina Syndrome (CES) is a serious medical condition caused by the compression of the Cauda Equina, a bundle of nerves at the base of the spinal cord. If not treated promptly, it can lead to lifelong health problems, including chronic pain, incontinence and loss of sexual function.

CES is most commonly caused by rupture of one of the lumbar discs that sit between the bones in the spine (vertebrae). Commonly known as a ‘slipped disc’, this places pressure on the Cauda Equina nerves, leading to Cauda Equina Syndrome.

Symptoms of Cauda Equina Syndrome include lower back pain, pain radiating down one or both legs, numbness or weakness of the legs, buttocks or between the legs and issues with bladder control, bowel control and sexual function. CES is often mistaken for other types of back pain, so the other symptoms are often critical for a successful diagnosis.

Opening 2019 with an appeal to cellphone brands and telcos

Happy New Year everyone!

I’d like to thank you all for keeping tabs of my blog the past year. It was a good year for me, my family's been healthy, our not so little business is doing great despite no marketing at all. God, I now understand why a lot of companies do double books for their business. Because when you reach a certain level of amount in your receipts and you need to pay back the government in a ridiculous amount (at least on our level) you feel like, Jesus-am-I-even-benefiting-from-this dilemma, you really want to flip over covers and avoid taxes.

But the good abiding citizen that we are, we don’t want to get into trouble with BIR at this early stage of our operation. So, as painful as poking needle in the eye, we get to pay what’s due the gov. My only consolation is that, I now have the audacity to whine back at our government whenever I feel they’re not using my taxes right. God, you guys better be, my husband spent sleepless nights earning that money.

Grateful for each breath this 2019!

Grateful for each breath

The phrase “Take a deep breath” is misleading. 
The breath isn’t something we can just “take.”

Breathing is a gift, a miracle, offered to us over and over again, yet much like our breath, we often take it for granted right up until the moment we no longer have it. Let’s accept this gift with gratitude and appreciation as we would all presents, by saying, “Thank you.”
Sometimes society can seem disgruntled and ungrateful, and the world may appear to no longer be appreciative, but some of its people still are, and therein lies the promise.

So go ahead … accept a few breaths with your eyes closed and a smile on your face.

What a joy it is to be alive! 
Being content makes poor people rich;
Discontentment makes rich men poor. – Benjamin Franklin

Extract from Buddhist Boot Camp by Timber Hawkeye

Tips For Peaceful and Stress-Free Travel

Tips For Peaceful and Stress-Free Travel - Boracay, Phils.
Boracay, Philippines

There are many different types of holiday-maker - types that enjoy many different kinds of holiday. There’s the adventurer, the explorer, the culture vulture, and the nature lover. But deep down, every traveler at some time in their life simply desires some time away from it all to relax, feel at peace, and let their stress float away. 

To achieve such a blissful holiday, you’ll need to put a little effort into planning it beforehand. This article provides the tips you’ll need to find utopia in serene surroundings on your next trip abroad.

Book Musings: Pachinko - cultural identities, gender norms, women's agency and diaspora

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee
Pachinko by Min Jin Lee

The last time I read a lengthy book was when I gotten hold of Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Signature Of All Things. Then after a long while, this Pachinko written by Min Jin Lee. This has been on my tab for so long already and I thought I should give it a go.

I don’t read book reviews before I actually read it, I just skim on the blurb and that’s it. I feel like it’ll spoil my curiosity and somehow diminishes my interest to start reading it. So in the case of Pachinko, I just went on the backside and started swiping on the 490 pages of it.

5 Practical Shoes Every Woman Should Own

5 Practical Shoes Every Woman Should Own

Hello there ladies! 

Today’s post is all about shoes. I’m not encouraging you to living a Carrie Bradshaw life nor nurture Imeldific tendencies, though a woman can wish for a closet full of shoes, can’t we? But in real terms of living a woman’s life we somehow have to have practical foot weapons and protection in our arsenal.

If you haven’t thought about what type shoes to stock in your shoe closet yet; here are five of the most practical shoes you should own.
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