Max's Restaurant Chicken-All-You-Can Is Back This Summer!

Max's Restaurant Chicken-All-You-Can Is Back This Summer! - Davao City


Max’s Restaurant Chicken All-You-Can is back! Chicken nibblers, eaters, shredders out there hooray for this yet again another #SarapToTheBones indulgence coming our way this summer.

Max’s Restaurant Chicken All-You-Can can be enjoyed starting April 16, 21, 28, May 5 and 12, 2017 from 2:00PM to 10 in the evening.

This unlimited chicken offer is only P249 and comes with a glass of any iced-cold Pepsi products. This offer does not include rice, other main and side dishes. You need to order them separately.

Max’s real fried chicken is a whole meal in itself. Each cut is full of flavour, greaseless, unbreaded and served crispy and hot. Every bite lives up to its hashtag #SarapToTheBones.

Seda Abreeza holds Jazz Fete-Themed Client Appreciation Night

Seda Abreeza holds Jazz Fete Client Appreciation Night

Congratulations, Seda Abreeza on your 4th year anniversary!

Time flies so fast, indeed. It’s been four years since they first opened their doors to their now loyal guests. I’m not surprised though how far they’ve gone since, as they have brilliant, strong and award-winning team that worked tirelessly to make it where Seda Abreeza is right now. 

Seda Abreeza is packed for the month. Besides off-site activities, the hotel also celebrates its fourth year anniversary this year. I’m one lucky earthling; I got to join the Jazz Fete-themed client appreciation night on Friday. Nothing beats the classic so they say. Guests, bloggers and media friends were treated to a night of retro jazz music, great food and great performances by Siningtala Dance Company.

Paskris Tree Ceremony at Marco Polo Davao

Paskris Tree Ceremony at Marco Polo Davao

2,000 beautifully hand painted eggs were hanged on a feathered Paskris Tree set up at the lobby of Marco Polo Davao on Friday.

The Paskris Tree Ceremony was led by General Manager Dottie Wurgler-Cronin and was participated by the hotel’s heads of departments and associates. 

Paskris Tree is a Swedish equivalent of Easter Palm. Palm twigs and leaves are not indigenous to Sweden so they use tree twigs to symbolize the palm leaves that Biblically were waved and placed on the ground for Jesus and his disciples to walk on at his glorious return to Jerusalem.

The Paskris Tree Ceremony was the first at Marco Polo Davao. Each egg hanged on the tree comes with a corresponding donation to the Missionaries of Charities. With the overwhelming support and positive feedback it garnered from the associates and guests, Marco Polo Davao intend to make this activity a yearly tradition. 

Globe myBusiness gives tips to working in the comfort of your own home

Work From Home

Many business owners enjoy working from home, but there’s a challenge that automatically comes with it.  There are certainly many perks, like being in charge of your own time, dressing however you want and being able to take care of personal tasks even as you manage your business.  But while all this is enjoyable, there’s undoubtedly a wide range of distractions at home that can keep you from being as productive as you want to be – and in business, being unproductive is a huge setback.

As a work-from-home business owner, then, you need a strategy to stay focused.  Check out these tips to keep you concentrated on what you have to do:

Where to stay in Molave, Zamboanga del Sur: Vine Molave Bed and breakfast

Where to stay in Molave, Zamboanga del Sur: Vine Molave Bed and breakfast

Are you planning a trip to Zamboanga del Sur? Zamboanga del Sur is one of the provinces in the Philippines located in Zamboanga Peninsula region in Mindanao Island. Its capital is Pagadian City. I’ve been to this place a long time ago; I bet so much has changed since.

Molave is one of the oldest municipalities of Zamboanga del Sur, it’s a quaint town bounded by mountain ranges, hence, Molave is rarely struck by typhoons.

Molave also has attractions like, Eriberta Springs, a popular cold spring found in Barangay Diwan. Eriberta serves as a place of convergence for townsfolk to escape the heat.

Now that you know there are places to enjoy in town, it’s time to find a place to stay in Molave.
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