#TeamDDI: Moving Strong, Moving United

Time, indeed fly so fast. It’s been a year since DDI was founded over a platter of unli crab shells and countless cans of soda. It was taxing though in the beginning, preparing papers, coming up with a solid ground to assure would-be members they're signing up with the strong option and dealing with odd and cold inquests as to why we came up with a new organization. But through it all and in the end we rise above all those convictions, vindicated and thankful for the support of those people who truly believed in us.

DDI has grown unprecedentedly and exclusively. With its diverse, growing number of members coming from the different niches of digital media, our future partners can be assured we’ve got everything covered.

AirAsia now flies from Davao to Kuala Lumpur + flight schedule

AirAsia now flies from Davao to Kuala Lumpur + flight schedule

People of Mindanao, Rejoice!

AirAsia, world’s best low-cost airline has just announced its latest route from their focal hub, Kuala Lumpur. The new route will service Davao-Kuala Lumpur-Davao, 4 times weekly which will commence on December 21st, 2017.

The launch was made by AirAsia Group CEO himself, Tony Fernandes during his speech before the delegates of the 4th Davao Investment Conference held at SMX Convention Center in Davao City on July 21, 2017.

Book Review: Mists Of The Serengeti

Book Review: Mists Of The Serengeti

It’s all a thick mist the last time I did a book review. I often load my Kindle app with new releases though, but nothing spectacular that would warrant me time to write what I thought until this.

This is my first Leylah Attar read. I won’t say I regretted I didn’t read earlier her book, The Black Swan. It has been sitting right inside my tab’s drive since forever. Maybe if I’ve read it early on, I could have been a hundred and more pages richer. But I think it’s not too late, I’ll certainly get back to it after this read.

ERP Software Developer for Education / School in Davao City

ERP Software Developer in Davao City

You can only count with your fingers home grown software companies that run a full cycle ERP for Education or School Operation in Davao Region. Most of these are supplied by international software companies that as we all know gives ludicrous contract amounts with over-the-top customization costs. 

Line 24 Software has over 10 years in experience in enterprise resource planning development. Line 24 Software has developed and mastered the trade when it comes to school software information system development.

Thai Food Festival at Cafe Marco, Marco Polo Davao

Thai Food Festival at Cafe Marco, Marco Polo Davao

Marco Polo Davao, Mindanao’s only premier hotel, brings you yet another Asian gastronomic fest, this time the Thai Food Festival. This will be a week-long food feast featuring Thailand’s classic and signature dishes starting June 30 to July 6, 2017 at Café Marco.

Chef Nontra-Udon Baupha, a certified Thai Chef with 38 years of culinary experience will prepare the dishes giving it an authentic flair of time-honored Thai flavors. Chef Baupha came all the way from Marco Polo Prince Hotel in Hongkong just for this occasion. He has been with starred hotels and Thai restaurants in the past, the likes of Imperial Hotel in Thailand, Tip Top Thai Restaurant also in Thailand and Supapra’s Thai Restaurant in Hong Kong.  Hence, it’ll be an honor to relish these well-loved Asian cuisine made by the master.

An ode to Thai Culinary Journey at Marco Polo Davao

An ode to Thai Culinary Journey at Marco Polo Davao

Marco Polo Davao brings another Southeast Asian flavor to Café Marco as they open the Thai Food Festival on June 30 with guest Chef Baupha from Hong Kong. The festival of flavors will run for one week until July 6 and will showcase some of Thailand’s signature dishes. 

Chef Nontra-Udon Baupha, a thai national, will be bringing with him 38 years of culinary experience in Thai cuisine. He is currently with the Marco Polo Prince Hotel but has worked from various hotels and restaurants both in Thailand and Hong Kong such as Imperial Hotel (Thailand), Tip Top Thai Restaurant (Thailand) and Supapra’s Thai Restaurant (Hong Kong).

AirAsia World Champion at Skytrax Awards for the ninth time

AirAsia World Champion at Skytrax for the ninth time
AirAsia Philippines Chief Executive Officer Captain Dexter Comendador (center left) 
and AirAsia Philippines Chairperson Marianne Hontiveros (center right) 
happily pose with the Cabin Crew.

AirAsia is the World’s Best Low-Cost Airline for the ninth year in a row. Asia’s largest low-cost carrier won the accolades at the 2017 Skytrax World Airline Awards in the Musée de l’Air et de l’Espace at Le Bourget Airport here yesterday.

AirAsia Group Cabin Crew Head Suhaila Hassan, who has been with the company for 20 years, accepted the award, flanked by AirAsia ambassador David Foster and Brazilian football player Roberto Carlos.

Back-To-School Breakfast Recipe: Jolly Grilled Malasugue in Creamy Mushroom Gravy

Jolly Grilled Malasugue in Creamy Mushroom Gravy
Jolly Grilled Malasugue with Creamy Mushroom Gravy

Hello Mommies!

School has officially started and like it or not we’re back to our usual crazy morning grind. If you think school kids are the only ones stressed with school stuff, well, think again. Mommies are too, especially mommies who run the kitchen day in and day out – and yeah, that would be me!

Running a household of five with no extra paid help is as stressful as the word itself. Hence, as much as possible I always put to a bare minimum any chore requirement there is around the house, especially when it comes to kitchen concerns.

Breakfast is one of the most important meals our kids should have. They need the most energy and nutrition from their meal to keep them active and have that undisturbed concentration at school.  I always encourage them to eat heavy breakfast. So much that most of time they come home with a nice savings as they skip buying something for recess and eat straight to lunch.
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