Product Review: Certified Organic Healthy Sweets that's made in Davao

Healthy Sweets Guyabano Candy, Made in Davao
Healthy Sweets 100% Organic Guyabano Candy

Park and Shop here in Davao City is not really my usual Sunday grocery grind, but for some reasons the power at GMall went off at that particularly Sunday and I need to do my grocery restocking or I’ll mess up my week’s schedules again.

So fast forward, I found this on the shelf. I got curious because it was the only jar with fancy cloth cover among the bottled sweets on the line. I thought it was cloth, but later I realized it wasn’t. It actually was a fossilized cacao leaf. How quaint and rustic that is, I like it!

So upon minutes of reading the label, I was so convinced to try it, I carted it out.

AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search 2017 Manila Audition Schedule

Regionwide search for Asean designers, Manila Audition is on April 1
(L to R): Alia Bastamam, Malaysia Renowned Fashion Designer; Aireen Omar, CEO of AirAsia Berhad; Andrew Tan, KL Fashion Week Ready To Wear; Yang Mei Ling, Editor of FEMALE Magazine Malaysia; Vivy Yusof, Co-Founder of FashionValet at the official launch of AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search 2017​

AirAsia Runway Ready Designer Search 2017 is expanding its search to all ten ASEAN countries this year. The top lucky 2 aspiring fashion designers from each city will represent their country and stand a chance to win prizes worth RM350,000 (or more than PhP4M) and valuable experiences from industry experts.

The competition will see audition tours across the capitals of each country throughout April to June in search for the top two aspiring fashion designers to represent their country at the Grand Finale which will take place in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia this August. Manila audition is set on April 1, 2017.

The Best Kind Of Love

"The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever." — The Notebook 

Payoneer: Better way to receive funds from global companies

Payoneer: Better way to receive funds from global companies

Payoneer, today’s leading online payment company headquartered in New York, United States is in full swing servicing the Philippine online workforce. Through this service many small and medium businesses, start-up companies, professionals and freelancers will be able to receive international payments in real time, hassle-free, inexpensively and efficiently.

In a statistics provided by Payoneer during the press conference held at Park Inn Radisson in Davao City, online outsourcing will grow to $20B by the year 2020. Philippines is one of the top 5 countries for outsourcing. And believe it or not 19% of the global online workforce is from the Philippines, yeah, I belong to that statistics.

Five Things to Consider When Choosing Your Retirement Home

Five Things to Consider When Choosing Your Retirement Home

Moving to a retirement home heralds a big change in your life, so it's important to take your time before you make any final decisions. Here are five key factors that you should consider when evaluating the homes on your list.

What Amenities Do You need?

To prevent (as much as is possible) the upheaval of a future move, it's a good idea to think ahead to a time when you may need some degree of assistance to complete your daily tasks. Even if you're fully mobile and in robust health right now, the situation could change in a few years. A retirement home that can meet your changing needs, whether that's simply some housekeeping services, helping you to get dressed in the morning and washing your hair, or providing skilled nursing care, could be a better choice than a home that only caters to seniors who are able to fend for themselves.
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