The Best Careers in Healthcare For Women

The Best Careers in Healthcare For Women

Healthcare is a huge sector of the workforce, and only recently have women formed an equal presence to men within this sector. Maybe healthcare interests you, but you’re not sure where to head with your career in healthcare. Look no further, as we’ve compiled the top five best careers in healthcare for women.

Globe Telecom and The Walt Disney Company announces collaboration to promote volunteerism among Filipinos

The country’s leading telecom company, Globe Telecom and The Walt Disney Company, Philippines, announced a major collaboration to promote volunteerism among Filipinos.

The two companies partnered to launch “Time Please,” a nationwide volunteering program that encourages and empowers Filipinos including companies, organizations, employees, families, and friends to provide volunteer activities or participate in existing volunteer programs. Time Please supports the telco’s commitment to nine (9) of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and appeals to the Filipino strong culture of volunteerism rooted in the bayanihan spirit to collectively contribute to social development. 

Elegance Experience with House of Morande at Seda Hotel Abreeza

The T’nalak hall of Seda Abreeza was filled with wine connoisseurs for the wine tasting event hosted by the hotel on June 11.

Morande Wines, an impressive Chilean label which originated from the coastal wine valleys of Chile, will now be carried in the wine list of the hotel.

I had a pleasure to carry out the manner of see, swirl, smell, taste, savor and engage a good company over a glass of wine during the event. The wine tasting was also a venue for Misto, Seda Abreeza’s winning restaurant, to showcase a fabulous and generous spread of cheeses, finger foods, and Misto’s signature dish - slow-cooked Roasted Angus Beef Short Plate. 

The Advantages of Laser Hair Removal

The Advantages of Laser Hair Removal

If you have dark hairs, shaving can be a nightmare, especially in Summer. Even if you have fair hair, it can be so tedious having to shave to wear your favorite dresses or vests. Not only this, but we then have to go through the pain of shaving rashes and having prickly skin. If not, waxing is the next best option, but this can be extremely painful and paying for a salon to torture you is no fun for anyone. Laser hair removal is becoming increasingly popular and there is no wonder why. Here are just some of the benefits of getting laser hair removal.

AirAsia moves international flights to new terminal 2 in Mactan Cebu International Airport effective July 1, 2018

AirAsia is transferring its international flights to the brand new Terminal 2 of Mactan Cebu International Airport (MCIA) in Cebu, Philippines, effective July 1, 2018.

Commenting on the new terminal, AirAsia Philippines CEO Captain Dexter Comendador said, “We are delighted to be moving to a new terminal, which will provide our guests with enhanced travel experience. The relocation to the new terminal also provides us with great capacity for long term growth and expansion in Cebu as AirAsia’s hub.”

AirAsia operates several international flights in Cebu namely; Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Taipei, Incheon, Shenzhen, Hangzhou and Shanghai.* AirAsia guests holding international flight bookings to and from Cebu’s Mactan International Airport (MCIA) starting July 1 are being advised that their flights will now operate in Terminal 2.

Become a Campsite Pro with These Camping Hacks

Become a Campsite Pro with These Camping Hacks

With summer fast approaching, every weekend feels like the perfect opportunity to whip out camping gear and enjoy the great outdoors. Instead of spending the warm nights trapped indoors, it’s always a fantastic idea to experience the chills that one can enjoy while out camping. We’ve compiled a short brief overview of insightful camping hacks to ensure the experience is all the better. 

Wipes for the Win! 

Wipes are essential when one is going camping because they keep one’s spirit energized with a back country shower, they are fantastic ways to freshen up, wipe off sweat and maintain sanitary surroundings at optimum about the camp kitchen and pit privy. There are numerous vendors who sell wipes like Epic Wipes, branded baby wipes, classic Wet Naps and flushable toilet wipes. 

Marco Polo Davao launches ‘handy’ smartphone

Marco Polo Davao launches ‘handy’ smartphone
 handy smartphone in dainty ebony caddy which serve also as a charger

Marco Polo Davao, Mindanao’s only premier hotel, launched on Friday its newest and most exciting addition to its room amenities – the handy smartphone.

handy is a complimentary amenity that offers a hassel-free travel, especially to foreign guests as they don’t have to buy local SIM anymore. handy allows guests to have a 24/7 connectivity to the hotel guests services anytime of the day and anywhere they go around the city during their stay.
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