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I had an impromptu invitation on Tuesday to try out the food offerings of a newly opened restaurant somewhere in Toril. When I confirmed where exactly, I was told it’s in Gaisano Mall of Toril. I haven’t been to this mall, so I thought it’s a good chance to see what’s in there. GMall of Toril is about an hour drive south of downtown Davao and since its midday I thought there would be no problems with being stuck in the traffic so I said yes, pronto. 

I was expecting a typical enclosed air-conditioned restaurant, but I was amazed to see that their dining area sprawl in almost half of the open space of the upper ground level of the mall. How cool is that?

They named the resto, Dinagat. It’s a spacious al fresco restaurant and bar that offers a hearty combination of Filipino and Japanese dishes. They also have a good list of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages for patrons who would love to take a load off under Davao’s sky. 

So let’s get started join me as we dig in Dinagat’s food offering;

Woman Elan Vital at Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
So much good food and there's only the four of us. 
With Ian Garcia of M Magazine, Maya Padillo of Mindanao Daily Mirror 
and Glen Santillan of

Seafood Soup ,Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
Seafood Chowder (P245) 
It's rich, creamy and perfectly seasoned seafood goodness. Though, as of post time it's the only soup offering they have on the menu, but believe when I say, it's really good!

Onion Jungle ,Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
Onion Jungle (P79)
There's always a first time so they say and this is my first food encounter with such a splendid blend of golden crispy fried alliums and caramel. How can this jungle be so good? Look at that! Thought they’re perfect paired with beer, now move over chicken bliss!  

Gambas ,Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
Gambas (P250/100gms)
Dinagat's version is full of flavour but a lot less spicy, so if you want a hotter plate, maybe a polite request to put in more chillis will be fine.

Japanese Yakimeshi (P199)
Stir-fried rice perfect for lunch or dinner. Its flavour packed, kahit wala ng ulam!

Yakemishi ,Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
Chicken BBQ (P89)
An all time Pinoy favourite, tender and well-seasoned!

Seafood Skewer,Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
Seafood Skewer (P249)
If you're bringing in kids, this ones for them!

Grilled Tuna Belly,Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
Grilled Tuna Belly (P199/serving)
Sourced from sashimi-grade tuna, this deliciously charred tuna belly will be one of the reasons why I'll be driving down south again one of these fateful days. So good!

Tuna Sashimi,Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
Tuna Sashimi (P179/100gms)
Dinagat Resto imports their tuna for sashimi, hence, serving only the finest and most exquisite cuts for their diners palate pleasure. This plate is served with a specially concocted sauce that spins every slice into a little heaven on Earth. 

Otoro Sashimi,Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
Otoro Sashimi (P399/100gms)
When you eat the fattest part of tuna and there's a Blowjob waiting to be done on the side, now that is what I call - awesome life! This is more textured and marbled than the previous one and the paired unnamed sauce is the bomb. One pinkful plate worth driving south!

Tempura, Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
Ebi Tempura (P199)
Dinagat's version is non-greasy and seasoned rightly. Each serving comes with 6 ebis in Pinoy inspired, sweet drizzle sauce.

Tempura, Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
Mixed Tempura (P149)
I love how they fried and turned our 'bahay-kubo' veggies into sweet, crispy and non-greasy delightful bite. Wala kang itatapon sa platong ito + its very affordable!

Coctails, Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
Passionate (left) is one of Dinagat's oh-so-good frozen Cocktails. It's a good mix of vodka, orange liqueur, citrus, passion fruit and mint leaves. Kiwi de Fruta (right) is a cool and refreshing non-alcoholic blend of kiwi, pineapple juice, mango juice and mint leaves.

Mojito, Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
Dinagat Mojito (P75). A classic blend of white rhum, citrus, mint and soda water.

Blowjob, Dinagat Resto Bar, GMall Toril, Davao City
Blowjob (P150). It's a layer of coffee liqueur, Bailey's and Vodka in a shot glass. I was thinking of drinking this the proper way, but the shot glass rim came in too big for my mouth, it's a shame I used a straw to sip, lol (defeats the rationale of the drink) Anyway, this is one of Dinagat's best shooters and when you come with friends, drink it the proper way! It'll be fun specially for first timers. Dinagat's version is a fine mix, you should try! 

DINAGAT RESTO BAR GMall Toril, Davao City
House spirits ready to smoke out of the bottle.

DINAGAT RESTO BAR GMall Toril, Davao City
Chef Hideaki Yoshioka (left) and Arnold Martinito (right)
Mr. Martinito said that they used to supply fresh seafoods to other restaurants in the past, but upon seeing how the resto industry in Davao has grown, they decided to open their own and have it here in Toril. They source their seagoods at a low price from Zamboanga, hence, the affordable price print on the menu. Right now, they're working to bring its diners affordable and quality delectable food and that they're inviting you all to come and try.

DINAGAT RESTO BAR GMall Toril, Davao City
Chef Hideaki Yoshioka showing off his plate of Otoro Sashimi. He has been doing business in Davao since the 80's and soon he'll be opening his Japanese restaurant in Victoria Plaza parking in Bajada.

DINAGAT RESTO BAR GMall Toril, Davao City
Thank you Dinagat Resto Bar for inviting us!

When you’re used to downtown area dining, it surely is a little effort to get here, but having tried few on the menu I must say, Dinagat Resto Bar is worth that little effort to drive down south. The food is good; the place is surprisingly large and literally airy. For foodies around this area, you don’t have to take the diversion road to have your dose of awesome food, Dinagat Resto and Bar offers an impressive list way better than the overrated restos downtown. Come and dine!

Open Lunch and Dinner up to 1AM
Ground Level, Gaisano Mall of Toril,
Davao City

Like their Facebook Page:


With hundreds of ready-to-eat cookies flooding our supermarket shelves these days, making choices on which brand to pick can be one of the trickiest decisions anyone could ever make. Thought this is exactly the reason why consumer manufacturers do a lot product sampling to help consumers decide what to buy with ease. 

In one of my lucky days in the past, I was privileged to meet one awesome lady who represents a global biscuit brand solely distributed by their company here in the Philippines. I’m talking about Ms. Lormy of Fly Ace Corporation who was so generous in handing me a packet of Lotus Biscoff Biscuits to try. 

Being a grocery constant, I’m quite abreast with what’s new and not on the shelves. I know this Belgian consumer brand has been around for some time, but it came lounging our local grocery shelves just recently. 

And so I went home happy with my pack of Lotus Biscoff Biscuits. This caramelized biscuits as a stand-alone snack is already such a delicious treat in itself, but it can get so boring whenever you do it over and over again. So for us not get bored with our Biscoff cookies, here are 5 of my delicious ideas on how to enjoy (y)our Lotus Biscoff Biscuits at home, delicious ideas that I tried and tested myself and now slowly becoming my food tradition.

1. Enjoy Lotus Biscoff Biscuit with coffee

Each Biscuit is packed individually, something I really like – hygienic and deters spoilage. And each packet is stamped with a line ‘Every Coffee Needs a Lotus’, a packet wisdom I’m in agreement to without reservation.

If you love your coffee black, this caramelized biscuit is the best match to enjoy it. It compliments the black coffee animosity needing no sugar anymore. We Pinoys love dunking our biscuits in our coffee, Biscoff is just the perfect sweet piece to finish it.

Enjoying Biscoff while re-reading Eric Weiner’s Geography of Bliss, jumping to Bhutan chapter and I’m in awe again at the idea of how Bhutanese set happiness as a national policy, cool right? Yeah, who knows one day I’ll be bringing a pack or two to enjoy at the Tiger’s Nest. #syanawa 

2. Enjoy Lotus Biscoff Biscuit with tea

Biscoff is not just perfect for your coffee, it’s also a love match with whatever type of tea you desire. While coffee is our usual craze at boosting up power to start (y)our day, you’ll never know ‘till you try tea. If you decide to? Try it with Biscoff.

Mine isn’t really some kind of a ceremonial high tea, just enjoying life's simple afternoon tea breaks with Biscoff biscuit on the side. Certainly, Biscoff and tea go well together.

3. Enjoy Lotus Biscoff Biscuit with oatmeal

I’m a true fan of oatmeal, whether it’s slow-cook, instant, course, blended or whatever type. This is my early morning jumpstart. I normally just pick whatever fresh fruits that’s in my fridge and toss it in my bowl. It has always been like that until I discovered lately that dipping Biscoff in my oats make my boring fiber-bowl a lot better, sweeter.

Try it too, you'll thank me for this!

My morning fiber habit. iPad and oatmeal with fresh fruits and added Biscoff lately, so good!

4. Enjoy Lotus Biscoff Biscuit with cereal

My kids aren’t really into cereal-morning food habit. They’re eating rice for energy's sake (so Pinoy, lol) but every once in a while they get to indulge on cereals too. I normally slice bananas and avocados to go with their cereal and milk. But when I got a pack of Biscoff from Ms. Lormy I tried tossing several biscuit chips in their bowls and guess what? They liked it, the next thing I know, the packet went empty and they kept asking for more.

It must really be good! Mommies, try it at home too!

My kids' new discovery, Biscoff and cereal. And they're loving it!

5. Enjoy Lotus Biscoff Biscuit with ice cream

I call it one of my life’s little guilty pleasures - eating ice cream. What’s not to love about ice cream? They’re mood booster especially when there’s pistachio and lots of pistachio on it. Ice creams are awesome as it is, but don’t you find it a bit boring just having it plain? - Vanilla, so they say. Well, you can try ice cream with a Lotus twist; let’s call it Biscoff a la Mode (sorry about the not-so a la mode presentation, lol). I truly love this, the cookie gives full texture to the plain vanilla and it matches with just any flavour perfectly fine. So love it!

My afternoon delight!

So there you go ladies, just five of the many delicious possibilities you can try with Lotus Biscoff Biscuits at home. Lotus Biscoff Biscuits are available in all leading supermarkets nationwide. Grab a pack today!

Lotus Biscoff Biscuits is solely distributed by Fly Ace Corporation in the Philippines. Know more about the products Fly Ace Corporation carry and possible business opportunities with them. Like their Facebook page

Or visit Lotus website to know more about Lotus Biscoff Biscuit.

Today there are more ways to pamper yourself than ever before. New methods and techniques are used alongside more established spa treatments to give you a wider range of treatments to suit more people’s requirements. These are the most popular spa treatments currently available.

Mud Baths

This may not be the most visually appealing treatment available. However, it’s one of the most effective and popular spa treatments you can get. Mud is one of the most natural substances in the world and is rich in minerals and substances that are good for your health. There are many benefits associated with taking a mud bath.  It relieves muscle and join pain, relaxes you, reduces stress, removes toxins, softens skin and improves your circulation.


Salt Spas

This treatment was first used in Eastern Europe. It has been used for hundreds of years and uses the healing power of salt. A large quantity of salt is added to a designated area. The treatment then involves breathing in the microscopic salt particles present in the air. Salt removes bacteria from the air and creates an atmosphere that helps improve your body’s health. Salt therapy has many benefits. The fact that the salt is so fine means it enters your body easily and cleans your lungs, respiratory tract and prevents a wide range of illnesses and possible diseases. This treatment is particularly popular in Hawaiian resorts where you can get spa treatments in Maui and other islands which help rejuvenate your body and cleanse it using the power of salt in a Maui spa resort.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is one of the most well-known and popular treatments available. However, most people are only aware of the most basic massage techniques available. Others are available too that target certain areas of the body and specific issues people have with their body and health. The other popular message therapies available include Swedish massage, deep tissue massage, cranial sacral therapy, reflexology and aromatherapy massage.

Pedicures and Manicures

Our hands and feet are not always treated with the care they should be treated with. This often shows, so it’s a good idea to treat yourself to a pedicure or manicure every now and again. Like other types of spa treatments, you now have a wide range of manicure and pedicure treatments available for different requirements. The most popular manicures and pedicures include French pedicures, fish pedicures, massage pedicures, paraffin treatment, file and polish manicures, acrylic manicures and gel manicures.


Seaweed Wraps

Seaweed wraps are another type of spa treatment that may not look the most appealing. However, this type of treatment uses the power of this naturally occurring sea plant life to improve the health and well-being of those who use it. When seaweed wraps are attached to your body, they remove harmful toxins from your skin and body. This treatment is also said to be effective if you want to lose weight.
Many spa treatments have been around for hundreds of years while others are relatively new. They are the perfect solution for those who want to cleanse and rejuvenate their bodies and minds. The treatments above are some of the most effective ways to do this.

(Images: Credits to Owner)

Weight loss surgery is a big step forward for many people. It's not just a way to lose weight. It's a way for the person to become healthy and to live longer for family and friends. After the surgery, there are things that will need to be changed in regards to the diet and exercise routine. It's important to maintain a low-calorie diet, eating foods that have more protein so that the body gets the essential nutrients that it needs from healthy items instead of junk food. Many weight loss surgery Tampa offices offer tips for patients to keep in mind so that they can continue losing weight on their own.


There could be times when you need to call the surgeon after you get home. If you have any kind of fever or notice any kind of drainage from the incision, then you need to contact the doctor. Some nausea is normal in the first few days to a week, but if you find that you can't keep any food down, then you need to make a call to the office to see if there's something wrong. 

The amount of food and liquids that you will consume will be decreased after surgery. Make each calorie count instead of drinking sodas and a lot of water. However, you do need to drink enough water to stay hydrated. Avoid the shakes that claim to have all of the nutrients that you need as these are empty calories, leaving you with a full feeling when you really need fruits and vegetables. Don't eat a high amount of sugar as this can lead to empty calories as well. Sodas have carbonation that can leave the stomach feeling full when it's really not. It can also result in feelings of being tired, which can prevent you from exercising. If you don't maintain a proper diet along with exercise, then you won't see the results that you likely desire. 

Go to every visit after the surgery. The doctor will want to monitor your weight loss ad offer ideas on how to get back on track if you plateau. Even if you feel healthier, continue taking any medications that you were on before unless the doctor sees fit not to take them.

(Image: Credits to the owner)

Deciding on an outfit for a quick trip or an evening out can be overwhelming. Many people forget to include accessories with their outfit choice, but accessories are a quick way to add a sense of style to a favorite outfit. Selecting jewelry and a handbag to coordinate with the rest of an outfit can be a fun way to add flair. There are several options for choosing pieces that work well with a variety of outfits or occasions.

Starfish Beach Jewelry

Bright Jewelry 

It can be tempting to opt for a classic gold or silver necklace and earrings, and many times these pieces are a great choice. However, consider adding jewelry that has a splash of color. A necklace that features bright hues, for example, can be a great complement to a summer dress. Many themed jewelry pieces are also available. While traditional pieces of jewelry are classy and subtle, a bright piece of jewelry is a great way to add excitement to a wardrobe. Pairing a gold necklace with bright stones against a soft blue dress or blouse can be an easy option for making the outfit more vibrant. Ocean themed jewelry is a fun idea for a cruise or beach trip. Don’t be afraid to be creative when deciding on a wardrobe. 

Comfortable Shoes 

It can be easy to sacrifice comfort for style, but this doesn’t have to be the case. Search for a pair of shoes that are stylish and comfortable. Planning which shoes to wear on a trip can be a challenge, which is why it is always best to bring several options along. Stylish heels can be worn to a fancy dinner party, and comfortable sandals can easily be tucked into a bag or tote if needed later on in the evening. 
Gold Keds Shoe

Attractive Bag 

While purses are a popular option, a purse may not always be best for every occasion. In a relaxed environment, such as a gym session or a picnic, a tote or similar bag can be more functional. A sailor bag can be a fun option for water outings, such as a beach trip. 

Adding accessories to a wardrobe does not have to be difficult. Try to add colors and coordinate with favorite pieces of clothing. A piece of jewelry or an attractive bag can quickly take an outfit from plain to extraordinary

(Images: Credits to the owner)

Time really fly so fast. Marco Polo Davao, the Philippines first Marco Polo Hotel has come of age and is preparing a lot of exciting and imposing activities for its clients and guests throughout this year which will culminate with a grand celebration come December 17, 2016.

Marco Polo Davao’s General Manager, Dottie Wurgler Cronin bangs the gong at the hotel lobby to officially launch the 18th anniversary celebration of the hotel. The intimate event was graced by friends from the media and the full force of the hotel’s back office personnel.

 Marco Polo Davao's General Manager, Dottie Wurgler Cronin
Marco Polo Davao's General Manager, Dottie Wurgler Cronin bangs the gong to officially launch MPD's 18th year celebration.

The Polo Bistro at Marco Polo Hotel Davao
The Polo Bistro at Marco Polo Hotel Davao

 The Polo Bistro at Marco Polo Hotel Davao

It was then followed by a lunch at Marco Polo’s iconic, Polo Bistro where we we’re served a preview of Chef Alex Destriza’s Valentine’s Day Specials.

Polo Bistro, Marco Polo Davao Valentine Specials
Warm and soft bread for starter

Polo Bistro, Marco Polo Davao Valentine Specials
Amuse Bouche. Parma Ham with Balsamic Melon and Micro Greens

Polo Bistro, Marco Polo Davao Valentine Specials
Blue Swimmer Crabs. Crab Salad with Mesclun leaves, Spring Onion Sour Cream 
and Red Lump Caviar, topped with Compressed Fruits

Polo Bistro, Marco Polo Davao Valentine Specials
Wild Mushroom Truffle Cappucino, Crisp Bacon Bits & Herb

Polo Bistro, Marco Polo Davao Valentine Specials
Pan-seared Norwegian Salmon Steak, Roasted Almonds, Ratatouille vegetables, 
Cepes Leek Fondue

Polo Bistro, Marco Polo Davao Valentine Specials
Heart-shaped Strawberry Chilled Cheesecake, Mini Chocolate Truffle, 
Lemon Tart, Vanilla Sauce

Polo Bistro, Marco Polo Davao Valentine Specials

So if you’re in town with your loved ones and thinking of where to bring them this Valentine’s Day, Polo Bistro is a perfect, quiet place for an intimate evening with great and delicious food in a charming setting.

For your reservations/inquiries Call;
C.M. Recto Street
Davao City, Philippines
(082) 221 0888

When homeowners sell or get their homes valued, it’s not always as much as they expect. There are many reasons for this. However, most of these reasons can be addressed and a homeowner can easily increase the value of their home. These are some of the most effective ways to do this.

Paint Your Home

It may sound obvious but a fresh coat of paint on the inside walls and exterior walls of a property can do wonders for it. If a house hasn’t been painted for a few years, it gives a bad impression to anyone viewing it. Even if you’re not selling your home, painting it regularly keeps it looking fresh and makes it a more inviting place to visit and spend time.


Make Your Home Warmer

Many  homes  across  the   country   lose  their  true  value  because  they’re  not  heated  properly    or don’t have enough insulation. This results in a colder home. If the problem is not resolved it leads to even more serious issues such as dampness, dry rot and other avoidable problems. Installing a more efficient heating system and insulating the walls and attic of your home can quickly reverse this problem and make your home a much more comfortable place to live in.

Replace Old Windows and Doors

If you live in an older home, your windows and doors may not be as energy efficient or secure as newer models. Changing these features can be expensive. However, if you can afford to replace your home’s windows and doors you should view it as an investment rather than a cost. This simple change will make your home safer and comfortable while you live in it and more appealing to buyers if you ever decide to sell it.

Add an Outdoor Living or Working Space

More people than ever are working from home. However, separating work life from family life can be difficult. Garden studios are the perfect solution for this problem because you can setup a work area that’s detached from your home. This is also the perfect solution if you want to relax or entertain others away from your house. This feature adds value to the current owners of a home and is also a unique feature many people looking for a new home would be interested in too.

Functional Apartment Space

Make Use of Available Space

Some homes are not used to their full potential and could be expanded. Converting the attic of your home, adding en-suite’s or building useful extensions are all effective ways to increase the number of rooms and the functionality of these rooms, so that your home increases in value. These changes also make your home more attractive to a wider range of prospective buyers.

Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t realise the true value of their home. Making some of the changes above may take some time and effort. However, these actions can greatly increase the value of your home, make it a better place to live in and allow you to get more for your property if you ever decide to sell it in the future.

(Images: Credits to the owner)

The Philippine Eagle (Pithecophaga jefferyi) is one of the world’s rarest, largest and most powerful birds of prey. This magnificent bird is only endemic to the Philippines, thus, in July 1995 under Presidential Proclamation No. 615 it was declared as Philippines National Bird.

Unfortunately, the unrelenting deforestation due to logging, continued development and unawareness of many people about the importance of this species has pushed these eagles to the brink of extinction. Scientists estimated that only few hundred pairs of them remain in the wild these days. And if we don’t take action to conserve and safeguard these rare creation, they will be gone forever and our children’s children may not be able to see them anymore.

In this light, The Marco Polo Hotels has acted on its share to help and support the conservation efforts to save the monkey-eating eagle by turning over 1 million pesos in cash donation to the Philippine Eagle Foundation.

MPH President Designate Jennifer Cronin and PEF & HDHI Chairman Carlos G. Dominguez handed the check to PEF Exec. Dir. Dennis Salvador (middle)

P750,000.00 was the garnered amount from the stuffed eagle toy auction, but towards the end of the turning over ceremony, some kind-hearted and generous sponsors gave in a combined P250,000.00 in cash closing the donation to 1Million Pesos.  

The idea to bring in together this amount was kind of novel and entertaining. Marco Polo Hotels collaborated with the country’s iconic fashion designer, Renee Salud to dress up adorable little eagle stuffed toys in pairs with his impression of various ethnic and detailed cultural patterns that is uniquely Mindanao. 

Aren't they lovely? Did you know? Eagles remain monogamous in their entire life.

“I am truly grateful and honoured to have contributed to this milestone. I was always fond of birds, and when a friend came up to me last 2013 and presented the idea of dressing up the stuffed toys with my designs, I said yes without batting an eyelash. We look forward to have a more fruitful partnership with Marco Polo Hotels in the future for this noble cause”, Renee Salud said.

MPD Director of Sales and Marketing, Pearl Maclang, PEF & HDHI Chairman, Carlos Dominguez and Fashion Designer, Renee Salud

The eagle stuffed toys in Renee Salud were then put to auction amounting to P10,000.00/pair, it initially garnered P750,000.00 but towards the end of the turning over ceremony, few people with big hearts who preferred not to be named, donated a whooping P250,000.00 combined closing the donation to a million.

The stuffed toys were presented on a short fashion show which was choreographed by one of the country’s most seasoned Stage Directors, Constantine SiƱel. The members of the Hijos de Davao Foundation modeled each of the dressed toy eagles before they were given to the winning bidder. 

The ladies of Hijos de Davao with Renee Salud
The ladies of Hijos de Davao Foundation with Renee Salud

 The gentlemen of Hijos de Davao with Renee Salud
The gentlemen of Hijos de Davao Foundation with Renee Salud

DLPC COO, Art Milan and JVA Management Corporation President & CEO, William Leh
DLPC COO, Art Milan and JVA Management Corporation President & CEO, William Leh with their adorable eagles in Renee Salud

The event was graced by key personalities of Marco Polo Hotel and Philippine Eagle Foundation. Mr. Carlos G. Dominguez, PEF and Halifax Davao Hotel, Inc. Chairman, the owning company of Marco Polo Davao; Dennis Salvador, PEF Executive Director;  Ms. Jennifer Cronin, Marco Polo Hotels President-Designate, friends from the national and local media, tourism partners, blogger friends and major corporate donors. 

“We deeply appreciate working with the Marco Polo Hotels Group. Realizing our many needs, they went out of their way to orchestrate a fund-raising project which engaged both its guests, associates and members of the local community. In doing so, it did not only enhance public awareness about our national bird; but had the entire Marco Polo family embrace the effort. This partnership is a great example of how a Corporate Social Responsibility should be carried out”, says Dennis Salvador, Executive Director of the Philippine Eagle Foundation. 

Philippine Eagle Foundation  Exec. Dir., Dennis Salvador

Marco Polo Hotel Davao GM, Dottie Wurgler Cronin, PEF and HDHI Chairman Carlos G. Dominguez, Marco Polo Hotels President Designate, Jennifer Cronin, MPD Director of Sales and Marketing, Pearl Peralta-Maclang

GM Dottie Wurgler-Cronin, MPD DOSM Pearl Peralta-Maclang, Japan Consul Tomoko Dodo, DLPC COO Art Millan, MPD Marcomm Manager Josef Ledesma

Friends of Marco Polo Hotel Davao

The Sponsors and their stuffed eagles with the designer, Renee Salud

The event was capped by the hotel’s culinary highlights; on the spread were Malagos Cheese, carvings of US Angus Rib-Eye, Hot Smoked Salmon Potato Dill with Tomato Salsa, Lump Caviar & Chives and other local delicacies were served as pass-around cocktails. 

Saving our eagles, protecting our forests and securing our future aren't just the sole endeavor of Marco Polo Hotels, we all can help in our own little way by getting ourselves informed and involved, share the same to those who still doesn’t know. If and when P10,000 is way too steep for you to get started, you can avail of the same stuffed bird minus the Renee Salud get-up for only P600.00 each. Proceeds will go directly to PEF to help in the conservation efforts of our National Bird. 

You can inquire at Marco Polo Hotel Davao or go directly to Philippine Eagle Foundation website for more the details.

Buy me for P600.00 and help save my real endangered counterpart

We need a home, adopt us and help save the real ones. 

Malagos, Baguio District, Davao City, Philippines
Landline:+63 082 324 1860
Mobile number:+639177198093

For your bookings/inquiries Call;
C.M. Recto Street
Davao City, Philippines
(082) 221 0888