I was a bit guilty the last time sis Rose of Nostalgic Marveling invited me to join her blog meme Nostalgia; I refused and said to join the next time, since most of my nostalgic photos were still copies and it needs to be scanned to come up with a quality one. But nonetheless, I felt like this would be the second time I would be refusing her invitation and I don’t want her to make ‘tampo’ I love her blogs and her kids. So by hook or by crook I have to join this week’s Nostalgia.

This meme is really cool; it will take you back down memory lane, thinking of those days …..

So here, you’re seeing a photo of me, then my boyfriend, now my husband on a diving adventure at Mati, Davao Oriental.

This is when I’m still on my waif-bait body; don’t ever ask my waistline now, that’s off the topic, nyahahah!

This is me, in my diving gear.

This was my boyfriend and now my husband preparing for a dive with his diving buddies

and me again, equalizing under water

Anyway, the story was, we went to Waniban Island adjacent to Mati, it’s a small, uninhabited island and it took us about 20 minutes to walk around. We went along with our officemates during that time; I can remember we had two flat tires along the road from Davao City to Mati because of the heavy air tanks, but having a trip with a boyfriend it does not matter, that was even an added enjoyment.

We spent the night camping, but since it was inhabited we were anxious about the security, but we paid the barangay captain at a nearest point of the island to take care of the security.

Stories here and there, laughing loudly, subtly, awwww, I missed those days. I seldom dive now because I have a little heart problem although nothing so much to worry, the doctor told me so, I believe in him. I’m not so sure, when I can get back on water and dive again.

So there, see you again for another nostalgic marveling (if I may borrow a line).


  1. oh fun time I like but here is like USD$100 to go for it. so I no go.. as no beach here near me.

  2. How sweet! Glad you all had a great time! I love the good memories!

  3. wow sis! galing mo naman, diver ka pala, eh ako nga di marunong lumangoy, lol!
    Nice photo.

  4. Wow! I have not tried this "sport" yet. But I would love to try and feel how it is to see those beautiful world underwater.

    Galing mo naman!

  5. I never tried diving although it looks so much fun... thanks for visiting my nostalgia....

    teka... di ako mayaman, maliit na farm lang yon it was an investment for the whole family... tsaka I worked so hard naman, I even helped harvest para di na mag hire then makatipid na rin...

  6. wow witwew! sexy kaayo ka ate vernz sa imong pic ai.. nah mao sakto jud ka those were the days jud.. heheh! nga mga niwang pa ta... lol

  7. Wahooooo kasexy oiiii.. Thanks for joining.. Sana comment ka din sa post ko nyahahaha nagdemand pa lol.. Till next week ate Verns..

  8. Oi buti ka pa Ateh Vernz marunong lumangoy...ako hindi eh ...napapaligiran ng water place namin kaso mejo malau naman kami kasi..langoy aso lng know ko..hehe

    D2 me Korea Ateh kc d2 work hubby ko...(^_^) Haist di nga ata matutupad ung mga pangarap ko kc 3 yrs na lng eh wala pa ako work..huhuhu

  9. Thats good sis, join the fun and share your sexyness in those were the days hehe. nakakamiss talaga and mga good ol' days ano. Mine is here

  10. oh what a memory! such precious memory. I don't want to ask your waistline now, so you won't ask mine too.. haha

  11. Welcome to nostalgia Te Vernz.. am glad you join with us.. oi may heart problem ka pala.. am glad it's not that big enough or nothing to worry about.. sexy mo pala Te Vernz.. and I haven't been to diving ever since, I hope to experience even once.. ;-) happy nostalgia!

    Here's mine:
    My Nostalgia: Friendship Moments

    See yah.. muahhh!

  12. hehehe nice lagi dinha.. taga davao oriental ko pero i never been in mati naabot nalang ko ug Israel wahahha.. dghan diay nindot dinha noh?

  13. Love seeing all photos... It must be unforgettable experience :)

    Thanks for dropping by...

  14. Oh my!!Haven't tried diving yet but hoping to experience it.How was it like when you're below the sea?How envious,don't know how to swim!!(T_T)

    Thank you for dropping by at Kizuna and nice meeting ou here at Nostalgia!^_^

  15. waaaa....mabuang ko...taas na raba tong akong comment...nag crashed ang page....atot!

    anyhow, pagka sexy nimo te...ehehhehe....obvious kau nga nag enjoy mo...been wanting to do this for a long time...kaso mahal man kaau dire woi....kaya wait nalang me pag makabalik me sa pinas puhon...ehehehe!

    waaaaaa...namuot ko sa imong comment te...atot...heridera man jud...nge, si mama nako d man kaau to galuto....I barely remember her cooking in the kitchen...ehehehe....salig lang sa!


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