More than the cutie, girly stuff sold in this Korean Beauty Shop, I so love their store color, it's like sweet candy – yummy and inviting, glad they’ve open a store in Davao already.

This is the pink store me and my daughter frequent whenever we're at this mall. I had no hoard lately since I still have a lot, I only have upper and lower lip, two cheeks and ten nails, besides I  apply sparingly - for frugal purposes - lol. Oh, their stuff aren't cheap eh, but love them I swear.


arcee said...

feels like I'll be beautiful after visiting Etude House...never been to Davao and it's one of my dream destinations...visiting back from PF!

Cookie said...

girlie kaau ang place. kalami ba mgpa guapa diha. I'm not so sure if naa ba na diri sa cdo.
visiting from my PF entry. thanks also for dropping by my blog =)

michelle said...

visiting here my frend!

Jessica said...

beautiful store, loved it :-) visiting you back for PF :-)

Mommy Jes said...

wow this is a nice store!!! :)

Thanks for dropping by and visit my pink table entry :D
glad you liked it! :D

cassandrasminicorner said...

That is a nice store. I would love to visit it someday when I can schedule my Philippine vacation..

Visiting from PF!

Hope you can visit me too:)

Lalah said...

Murag maka gwapa kaayo ang store dah. Do they have an outlet here in Cebu?

Dhemz said...

agoy ka nice ana nga botik te...wala man ko nimo kuyoga...ehehehe!

sensya nangulahi sa pila.

genny said...

new ba ito? haven't seen this shop when I visited abreeza mall. madalaw nga yan, dalaw lang kasi allergy ako sa mamahalin..hehehe

Stef said...

nice store indeed...visiting you back sis.

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