It’s final I’m buying a treadmill

I made a pact to myself to run this year, but time and circumstance really won’t allow me to, I can’t run out in the morning as I need to prepare the kids for school, I can’t go to the gym during day time since I still have to tend to my youngest son, my afternoons too are filled to prepare for my evening class, but I’m determined to do it in any way possible.

‘Light bulb on my head’ … having a treadmill at home would likely solve this setback, so I’ve discussed this idea to my husband, he seemed unwilling in the beginning, but I’ve made a good research on why we have to invest and have one at home, oh yeah, at the end of it all, I made my proposal as convincing as possible and guess what? It has been approved, lol.

I really wanted the motorized one, though they’re a bit expensive compared to the manual. I have not really decided what name to buy yet and if you happen to drop by this blog and have a connection to suppliers or knew of someone who sells motorized, not so expensive and not too big one, just a size enough to eat up a little space in a regular human house … I’d really appreciate it if you can recommend them to me. TIA.

Yayks, can’t wait to wear my new pink WB running shoe. Eksayted!

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  1. Oh your proposal was approved congratulations! I also wanted to shed extra fats this year and be healthy. We can do it sis!
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