Got myself two gadgets this Christmas, a midrange Alcatel idol mini cellphone that I hope can withstand drops and throws, hahaha #alamna. It’s also not too pricey (P5,999) for the up-to-the-minute specs most useful for bloggers like me and most of all I won’t be hurting like a baby robbed of its toy when I happen forget or leave it somewhere else and worst someone would pocket it in a swift. 

I’m not good at reviewing gadgets but so far it’s been working just perfectly fine. It runs on Android 4.2, the camera has 5megapixel resolution, 1.3 GHz Dual Core, wifi/3g, (my husband said why not LTE? Well, these telecoms are still enjoying its novelty so definitely it is expensive, besides this current set-up serves my basic requirements so why speed up life) it loads two sims, I’m on Globe prepaid and Sun prepaid. (No postpaid, these Telco’s billing system sometimes, if not most of the time  sucks and I just don’t want to exhaust my energy staging unrest with the people at the telco counter.)

I’m pretty certain months from now this will be handed to other good hands and there will be new coming up. I love my life! 

And then, there’s my Smart Pocket Wifi. My iPad does not have a 3g feature so I can’t use it while I’m on the road, though I don’t often connect to internet while on mobile, I figured there might be times when this will come useful so I thought I should get one of these.

So ladies what have you got yourself this year end? Love to hear it with your comments below. Thank you. 

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