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I was asked one time by my daughter how are her dolls being made? I somehow managed to answer the layman’s description, even describe the picture of how her dolly got its hair and legs but it makes a difference when there’s a video supplement to reinforce the idea.

I was rummaging the whole blogosphere for a video but I can only find short clips and gifs until recently National Geographic uploaded this video on YouTube. I guess the process is still the same whether it’s a Barbie, a Lucy or whatever boxed dolly it is.

This video actually sparked oddity in me beyond just the dolls passed in the assembly line – labor issues, health and toxicity concern, gender, working environment etc.  But this is I think is too torturous for an eight-year old to process.

For now let’s just see how this social model of perfect beauty is being machine molded and crafted by people so blameless about how this doll politics influence girls in a beauty obsessed society.

 Here, watch this!

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