US Potatoes: Power breakfast for your power kids

US Potatoes: Power breakfast for your power kids

Oh, how time really fly so fast. Where did my summer go? Before I’ll know it, it’s June and that could only mean one thing for most moms with school kids - lazy days are over and we’re back to our normal crazy morning grind.

Preparing breakfast for school kids is a standard routine for many mothers who ditch productive jobs for reproductive ones. I’m one of those who’s always on a live wire every single day of the year as I still have a grade schooler who is, not really picky but let’s just say, very exacting as to what I prepare for breakfast. So most often than not, I prepare a week-long breakfast menu so they would know what they’re getting for the day. This is not only to serve their curious cases, but for me to also organize my wits for a hassle-free mornings.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day especially for growing school kids. Many scientific studies have linked eating good and nutritious breakfast to having better memory and good concentration at school.

For most Filipino moms, we often overlook potatoes, specifically US Potatoes, as a mighty component of our kid’s diet. We tend to treat this tuber as just an add-on to most of our main courses. But did you know, US Potatoes give you a bigger bang for your money in terms of healthy nutrition? That’s right! And they’re very excellent source of energy to kick-start your kids day at school.

Here are the Five (5) benefits your kids can get when having US Potatoes for breakfast;

US Potatoes are rich source of Vitamin C. They contain 45% vitamin C which is more than one medium tomato (40%) or sweet potato (30%). Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin that acts as an antioxidant stabilizing free radicals, thus helping prevent cellular damage. It aids in collagen production; assists in iron absorption; and helps heal wounds, cuts, scrapes and keep kids’ gums healthy. Vitamin C also supports your children’s immune system.

US Potatoes are rich source of Fiber. One medium potato with skin, contributes 2 grams of fiber of 8% of the daily value per serving. Research shows that when kids eat more fiber, they eat less fat and sugar and they’re far from risk of being obese. And did you know US potatoes have as much fiber as apples? More than the energy your kids are getting out of US potatoes, fiber also help keep kids digestive system healthy.

US Potatoes are rich source of Vitamin B6. One medium potato provides 10% of the recommended daily value. Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin that plays important roles in carbohydrate and protein metabolism. It helps your children’s body make non-essential amino acids needed to make various body proteins; it is a cofactor for several co-enzymes involved in energy metabolism; and is required for the synthesis of hemoglobin – an essential component of red blood cells.

US Potatoes are rich source of Iron. One medium potato provides 6% of the recommended daily value of iron. Children need iron for their brains to develop normally. Children who don’t get enough iron (iron deficient) may be less physically active and develop more slowly. They may exhibit these symptoms; slow weight gain, pale skin and no appetite. They also tend to be cranky and fussy. Iron deficiency can affect how older children do in school. Low levels of iron can make it hard for them to concentrate and cause them to feel tired and weak.

US Potatoes are rich source of Potassium. One medium potato with skin provides 620 milligrams or 18% of the recommended daily value (DV) of potassium per serving and is considered one of the best foods with potassium. US potatoes have more potassium than bananas. Potatoes are packed with potassium, which is essential for healthy heart and muscle function.

So now that we know the remarkable nutritional value of US Potatoes; I’d like to share with you one of the power breakfast meals I’ll be having on my kids’ breakfast menu this year. The;




4 large US Potatoes
2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese
2 tbsp butter, melted
1 large egg
½ cup flour
3 tbsp chives, chopped
½ cup shredded carrots
Pinch of salt


1 large egg
½ cup flour for coating
½ cup plain bread crumbs

Light Olive oil or Canola oil to fry

Sour cream for dip


  1. Peel and boil US Potatoes and mash; add pinch of salt;
  2. Add large egg and mix together;
  3. Add in butter, ½ cup flour, mozzarella cheese, shredded carrots and chives. Mix them all together to make a workable batter.
  4. Using an ice cream scooper, scoop a batter and form a pancake shape. Don’t make it too thick.


  1. Beat the egg and add 3 tbsp of water to make an eggwash.
  2. Dab the pancake-shaped batter into the flour and then dip it into beaten egg and then roll it on the bread crumbs.
  3. Refrigerate for 30 minutes.
  4. Pan fry until golden brown on each side.
  5. When done, let it set on a tissue paper to absorb excess oil.
  6. Serve hot along with the dip.

To save you time, prepare this ahead of time and freeze, thaw and fry!

Mix all ingredients together

Ready to fry!

Crispy on the outside, soft and cheesy on the inside.

So there you go, mommies! Our nutritious and energy-packed breakfast. Cooking with US Potatoes is actually easy peasy. I hope this blog post has helped you in solving your what-to-prepare-for-breakfast woes.

Happy cooking!

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