Unilever 'All About Giving' Sale at Shopee.ph on November 11

Unilever 'All About Giving' Sale ships free at Shopee.com on November 11

Hello there my dear readers!

It’s that season of the year again where shopping may not be obligatory but for me necessary. I’ve never come to think of Christmas season as a season of not buying something nice not only for myself for working hard the whole year through but also buying presents for anyone I care about worth sharing my blessings to.

But as we all know it, while shopping can be exciting, some say it’s a therapy even, it can also be tiring and draining at this time of the year. Not to mention that if we’re not wise enough to make smart choices will render us penniless by 2019. And we don’t want to start our new year broke, right?

So I'm bringing you glad tidings my dear readers, especially those who love to shop at SHOPEE.PH a lot.

Unilever, a name that carries almost all of my household products like Surf, Breeze, Tresemme, St. Ives, Dove and so much more and I believe yours too is sharing and giving you all the love this Christmas season by way of product sale which will kick-off November 11, 2018, 11AM with rock-bottom prices available only at SHOPEE.PH

Are you all excited? Here are the deals to watch out for!

My God! I'm hoarding my laundry soap brand .. this is really a deal I can't resist. If you're a Surf, Breeze, Sunlight or Cif Mom you may click on to Unilever products page at Shopee.ph to cart out your product choice.

Unilever personal care products are also on great deal at Shopee.ph starting November 11. Get the best prices with Dove, Tresemme, St. Ives products and many more of up to 50% Off.

I don't know with you, but I always hit on the merchandiser at the grocery store if their shelf is empty of Knorr Beef Cubes. This tiny little cube is a real savior for me. I'm a certified Knorr mom, promise! And also, if Ladies Choice Mayo is in your Christmas grocery list, now is a good time to save up. Head up to Unilever food solutions page at Shopee.ph to cart out your favourite dish aid choices. There are a lot!

Avoid the long cashier lines when you shop this Christmas season, shop early at Shopee.ph. Saves you time, saves you money, saves you stress. Plus you'll see so much more just with your fingertips!

Watch out also for Unilever Flash Sales on November 11.

Use the Voucher code  ShopeexUL valid on November 11 only and get 20% OFF when you buy PHP 1000 worth of Unilever items

Get those Unilever products on your shopping carts now and check them out this November 11! SHIPPING IS FREE FOR ALL UNILEVER PRODUCTS!

Plus, you'll get a nice 'All About Giving' eco shopping bag when you shop starting this Nov. 11. Isn't this neat? 

Unilever 'All About Giving' eco shopping bag.

Share your Unilever hauls at Shopee.ph on social media, use the hashtags 
#UnileverxShopee #UnileverAllAboutGiving #ShopeePH1111 


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