5 Big reasons why you should stay at Seda Atria when in Iloilo City

I was still in my elementary school years when I last set foot in this city of love, Iloilo City. My mother is an Ilongga. Her family came from the town of Calinog located in the central part of Panay Island. I grew up in an Ilonggo-speaking household in a Bisaya community hence, I feel lucky to converse on both dialects.

When my family decided to go to Boracay for our summer vacation this year, I right away suggested that we flew to Iloilo and do the bus ride to Caticlan, the jump-off town to the island. I thought we’ll be hitting two birds at the same time - do beachin’ in Boracay and we get to see Panay countryside and explore Iloilo City thereafter. And that’s exactly what we did.

Iloilo City is a contrast of fast becoming an urbanized city outfitted with modern conveniences with still much of its old and historical character remains an integral part of its culture.

Amazing how we can still see, learn and relish the stories of their past through many of the ancient landmarks like century-old churches, houses and its celebrated food culture that has been one of the reasons why we wittingly stayed in the city.

I always know that part of our experience in a certain place wherever we go is our accommodation. Oftentimes, it makes or breaks ‘the feels’ we have for our destination. 

Seda Atria is one Filipino brand of hospitality that offers seamless hotel experience and modern conveniences in Iloilo City. It is located in the middle of the prime and emerging business park in the city.

Let me share with you my dear readers the five big reasons why you should choose to stay at Seda Atria when you’re in the city of love, Iloilo.


Seda Atria has 152 well-appointed suites, deluxe and premier rooms. The rooms are well-equipped with modern facilities such as LED televisions, media panel with HDMI, USB and AV connectivity which is very convenient for travelers whose job and life depends on their laptops and smartphones like us. The work station/desk and chair are very comfortable and their room wifi is a sweet treat.

For the millennials who love to update their social media accounts, the blend of modern-industrial and neutral-colored concept of the lobby is so Instagram worthy. You’ll love every corner of the lobby. 

And if you've been to other Seda hotels in the country, you’ll notice that they have this same signature scent that’s sylvan-woody charm with citrus undernotes. To be honest, I have happy recalls with this scent back home in Davao with Seda Abreeza, crazy how scents can prompt memories, which reminds me I missed to attend Seda Abreeza’s sixth-year anniversary celebration. But nonetheless, I still get to enjoy the warmth of the people here in Seda Atria.

At Seda Atria's modern, minimal lobby.
At Seda Atria's impressive, modern, and minimal lobby.

Seda Atria's Deluxe Room
Seda Atria's Deluxe Room

Coffee and tea-making corner the mini-fridge with drink choices the hygiene kit
(L) Coffee and tea-making corner, 
(M) the mini-fridge with varied drink choices (R) and the personal hygiene kit.
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One of the deal breakers when it comes to hospitality business are the staff assigned on the frontline. Other than it comes with the territory as Ilonggo people are innately friendly, soft-spoken and polite, with Seda Atria – they just brought service and value of my stay to another level from the doorman who explained to me the history of Pison Monument standing right in front of the hotel to the front desk staff who were fast and efficient and to the staff at Misto, thank you! You're exceptional!

I got so lucky to meet the people that power the operation of the hotel. From right is Seda Atria’s charming Hotel Manager, Mr. Joseph Eduard S. Del Rosario, Mr. Jansen Sorobia, the F&B Manager, yours truly and the lovely Communications Officer, Ms. Ida Flores. It is a pleasure to have met you all! Until my next visit in Iloilo.

Madamu guid nga salamat sa pag abi-abi sa akon kag sa akon nga pamilya. 

(L-R) Mr. Joseph Eduard S. Del Rosario, Seda Atria Hotel Manager,   Mr. Jansen Sorobia, F&B Manager, yours truly and   Ms. Ida Flores, Seda Atria Communications Officer.
(L-R) Mr. Joseph Eduard S. Del Rosario, Seda Atria Hotel Manager, 
Mr. Jansen Sorobia, F&B Manager, yours truly and 
Ms. Ida Flores, Seda Atria Communications Officer.


I know that one of the considerations when choosing a hotel to stay is the price, but sometimes the price is inconsequential when the location of the hotel is out of the key area. Location and proximity to places of interest is the reason why we travel after all.

One of the prime strengths of Seda Atria is its location. It’s set in Iloilo City’s emerging commercial and business capital. Shops at Atria is literally at its backyard. Two-minute walk and you’re faced with a community of trendy, convenience and food shops. You don’t need to go far to try Iloilo’s famous Pancit Molo and Batchoy, pasalubong shops, the celebrated Madge CafĂ©, drugstore, bank, and convenience shops they are right at the back of the hotel.

Seda Atria also has a roof-top bar called Straight-Up, a perfect place to unwind with a city view if you feel like not wandering around town. But if you're up to exploring Iloilo's nightlife, Smallville Complex which is home to the trendiest bar and nightlife in the city is just a 5-minute walk from the hotel.

There’s also the Iloilo River Esplanade. If you’re a health buff, this 1.2km red-paved boardwalk is very fitting for jogging and attend Zumba sessions every morning and evening for free. 

Seda Atria is also just a five-minute taxi ride to SM City, another 5 to Festive Walk, Iloilo Business Park where the famous statue of General Martin T. Delgado, an Ilonggo military leader during the Philippine Revolution and the Iloilo Museum of Contemporary Art is located. Iloilo Airport is just 30-minutes away and transportation going to the center of the city is just as easy whenever you want to explore the timeworn charm of it.

Straight-Up is Seda Atria's a roof-top bar with relaxing music, great drinks and pica-pica  with a spectacular view of Iloilo skyline.
Straight-Up is Seda Atria's a roof-top bar with relaxing music, 
great drinks, and pica-pica with a spectacular view of Iloilo skyline.

 Shops at Atria Shops at Atria by day Pison Rotunda
(L) Shops at Atria is home to a variety of food and convenience stores 
at the back of Seda Atria, (M) Shops at Atria by day,  
(R) Pison Rotunda just in front of Seda Atria. According to the hotel staff I talked to, 
the top part is a muscovado factory chimney. The rotunda is made so 
to pay homage to the sugar business venture of  Pison family here in Iloilo.
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You’ve never been to Iloilo if you’ve never indulged in the flavors of it. This is one of the reasons why I brought my family here - to explore and experience Iloilo’s celebrated food culture.

Misto, Seda Atria’s all-day dining restaurant offers local and a medley of modern-day international cuisines. 

We got to sample their family set meal which is composed of six Ilonggo favorite dishes – Chicken Binakol, Ilonggo Ensalada Platter, Bagnet, Garlic Buttered Shrimp, Pancit Bihon Guisado and assorted dessert bars. Children usually don’t hesitate to eat food they’re familiar with so the set meal was a great fit for my troop. Misto has this offering this summer and we’re glad we get to savor it.

Breakfast buffet at Misto was overly satisfying. There are varied choices on the spread – traditional Iloilo specialties - batchoy, Ibus and Bay-Baye which I haven’t had in a long time. Continental, hot bread choices, salad, and fruits among others.

That’s in Misto alone. But if you want to explore deeper and indulge with the real source of it, Seda Atria is a great jump-off point to La Paz market where stretch of batchoy houses are aplenty, there’s this stall under the flyover in Delgado St., that makes crisp, hot and fresh piaya, there are these talaba or oysters restaurants along the road in Miag-ao, there’s this buko pie in Oton I got addicted to, you’ll never run out of food to try in Iloilo. All you need is a deeper pocket, a wider perspective, a courageous palate, a fearless sense of adventure and a spirited company if you’re lucky to have one.

Just one thing I have to say, good luck, diet!

Misto at Seda Atria, an all-day dining restaurant
Misto at Seda Atria, an all-day dining restaurant

(L-R) Bagnet, Ilonggo Ensalada, Chicken Binakol
(Bottom) Garlic Buttered Shrimp, Pancit Bihon Guisado and assorted dessert bars.
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The famous Guimaras mangoes
The famous Guimaras sweet mangoes sent to us personally 
by the hotel's F&B Manager, Sir Jansen Sorobia!
Damu guid nga salamat, Sir Jansen. 
Hope you could visit Davao also and try our durian.

Great finds at Misto Breakfast Buffet. Baye-baye  Ibus is an Iloilo native delicacy
Native delicacy fares at Misto Breakfast Buffet.

(L) Carbo-loading, prepping for a great day ahead! Great Breakfast spread at Misto.
(M) Baye-baye is an Iloilo specialty made from grated young coconut 
mixed with either ground corn kernels and ground pinipig.
(R) Ibus is an Iloilo native delicacy. It's a mixture of washed glutinous rice, salt 
and coconut milk. The mixture is then wrapped in young palm leaves and steamed.
Best eaten with latik and muscovado sugar or mango.

Cheeseboard and cold cuts at Misto Breakfast buffet.
Cheeseboard and cold cuts at Misto Breakfast buffet.


Traveling with family is really a joy, you get to know well your children and bond with them making memories together. But traveling with minors with major demands is another story. Sometimes finding the right hotel where a family of five can fit right through one room is a taxing job. 

Knowing Seda Atria has a room with an adjoining room is such a relief. You get to supervise and attend to them without the hassle of getting out of the main door. 

Fret not, if you happen to stay in one of these rooms with an adjoining door, they’re well secure, doubled doored with unlocking only upon request. It’s also soundproof.

I also love that Seddy, Seda’s bear icon is a mainstay on their lobby. This huggable makes the business aura of the hotel entrance hall a lot friendlier and welcoming. Kids love bears, well, even adults too. 

Seda Atria adjoining room with double doors
Our adjoining room with double doors

Our Angelo who wants to bring home Seddy in summer outfit  Seddy Seddy in summer attire at the hotel lobby.
(L) Our Angelo who wants to bring home Seddy in a summer outfit
(M) Seddy's smaller self at the counter, I have one of this courtesy of Seda Abreeza
(R) Seddy in summer attire at the hotel lobby.

From our family, thank you Seda Atria for the warmth!
From our family, thank you Seda Atria for the warm welcome!


Other its strengths I mentioned above, Seda Atria is also a perfect venue for personal milestones, life events, business meetings, conferences, and medium-sized conventions.

Seda Atria has meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 200 persons. Each of their functions rooms are fully-equipped with modern digital conference facilities and all come with efficient and professional support staff.

In sum, Seda Atria offers not only warmth and Ilonggo hospitality but also redefines and weaves destination, seamless service and value for an amazing hotel experience.

Thank you so much Seda Atria for the warm welcome! We're definitely coming back!

For inquiries, bookings, and reservations:

Pison Ave., Atria Park District
San Rafael, Mandurriao
Iloilo City, Philippines

Email: ilo@sedahotels.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sedaatriahotel/

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