I have long been thinking of coming up with a blog that writes about my personal realization of how women live in today’s busy and demanding world under all circumstances designed by this society for women that whether women like it or not has to comply.

I said personal is also political because finding a niche, performing women’s identities and analyzing my personal experience under this power laden society involves power relations and struggles subtle and palpable and to counter this force is at least liberatory for me.

Let me quote Suruchi Thapar-Bjorkert saying ….

The ‘personal is political’ is a frequently brandished slogan of women's liberation. It is held that a politics of analysing women's identities and personal experiences is liberatory for them. It is believed that there is not much difference between an individual's personal existence, belief, ideas, and the pursuit of politics, and that the more women transform their lives and consciousness, the more they realize the potential for change, they cannot be dependent on a revolution to liberate them. However, politics based on personal experiences and personal identity shares the danger of becoming too personalized. It also shares the danger of excluding issues affecting different women.

Thus, this blog was born to undertake issues, questions, concerns, conveniences, inconveniences be it in material, non-material which relate to women and the skirmishes that comes along with it as experienced by me.

Let it be known that all opinion written in this blog are 100% mine and I held accountable for it.

Thanks for reading Woman’s √©lan vital, because women has to live and not just survive.

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