Let it be known that all ideas expressed in this blog are all entirely by the author (except if I may disavow and I will come to my senses).

You may be offended, upset, scandalized, piqued, or even enraged by some of what you read, but the authors is just trying to find some way to air her grievances, discomfort, pleasures … or at some point doesn’t know what’s she’s thinking about, if there such a thing.

At any point in this blog I may contradict myself, well, nobody’s consistent anyway and this is not a mathematical problem that requires so, thus I think it will just be ok…

Further, along the course of this blog you may find or read articles that resembles to actual people dead or alive, the author takes it as some form of coincidence.

All names mentioned herewith have been changed to protect the innocent, the guilty, the developmentally challenged, the aurally inconvenienced, the cosmetically different, the differently interesting, the economically exploited, the emotionally different and the morally unbalanced.

Lastly you may leave a comment if you have something in mind that’s worth talking, and promise I will get back to you …. Go gurl!

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