Oftentimes moms just think about house work, work, work and work and forget about playing, well, who would think about playing in this mid age of your life with piles of laundry to spin around? But this thought is actually wide of the mark, it’s quite hard to do some playing while working at first though, but house work and play can actually be mixed. Try doing what I did, but just expect to be poked fun at by the people around you, which I care less….. Loving what I do…

Try dancing even without a partner, I did mine in front of the mirror, gone crazy looking at myself… huh! Take a long warm half bath after all your children and everybody in the house have settled so nobody will disturb you. Develop the habit of clean as you go even if the ‘you pick one here comes another one’ seem to be a chronic malady. When walking around the house, try walking head up, always sit down properly to avoid backaches, the thing I often forget. When lifting a load, always remember to let the muscles of your legs take the grunt of your weight, with your back and shoulders acting as support. Always stand tall as you walk, that will correct your posture and drive down backaches. So there, sharing some crazy stuff I’ve been doing to ease all those household odd jobs I’m into.

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