I made this blog in the hope of me becoming an agent of social change… of what? Nah just some wishful thinking that someday this society will recognize the efforts of women for mothering the future of this species and those mothers will also get paid for their mothering efforts.

Going back to the topic, this is not about mothering but this about thanking Kasai of My Simple Life for passing this badge of a Beautiful Blogger to this newborn blog of mine. Thanks Kasai…. This is third time of telling you guys’ seven things about me …. Here we go…

I’m not a hardcore feminist, but recognized that somewhere along these lines I should at least know what my cards are;

Hmmmmm, second, at times my mental activity is at the margin;
Third, I’m a pluralist … whatever that means...
Fourth, I’m internally oppressed …. Hahaha... sort of … or just I and my wild imagination… or maybe I just choose to….whatever...

Fifth, sometimes emotionally different…
Sixth, I’m a work in progress
Seventh, I’m a domestic incarceration survivor …. Meaning a housewife

Huh! There …. And I’m passing this badge to ….

Carmen of The Living Grace

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