I think it’s inevitable mothers are really, whether we like it or not, are bound to worry, worry on just about anything involving family and life, petty to essential needs both on a personal and not so personal things.

But did you know that of all human habits, worry is the most wasteful way of life, I know it cost more than any other thing and bring in nothing and no gratifying feeling, still at times I worry on things that is still not happening.

Sometimes, it is too expensive, because my worry is translated to fill it in with a lot and realized in the end, how foolish of me to procure all these things just because I worry…a no more food, no more this and that I need to stock a lot because I have children, who knows there might be deluge tomorrow, yeah, that’s me and my morbid thinking.

At times it deprives one of power and cleverness which is very essential to deal with things at hand. So, lately, having gone through a lot worrying, I think I need to refocus and shift gears….. My new dogma? Why worry, I shouldn’t take life so seriously, nobody gets out of this planet alive anyway …

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