A voracious eater, ngek! inamin, pero ewan ko di ako tumataba, at ang bilis ko mabusog, kaya gustohin ko mang maging oink-oink eater minsan, di kaya ng tiyan ko, I don’t have this thing we commonly call ‘diet’ (we address it this way right?)

But going back to the topic, when was the last I pig-out? That’s why I posted late I just came from Iron Horse, it’s an eat-all-you-can resto, actually we often eat out, we don’t have a maid for the last eleven years, sometimes I just don’t have the might to prepare lunch or oftentimes dinner, that’s why we repeatedly rescued by eat-all-you-can restos, don’t be alarmed price is just P105.00-120/pax. We are lucky here in Davao, food are priced cheap, not to mention they are freshly picked, freshly caught and freshly butchered. Although it is not as grand as those served in an ‘ala carte’ type restos, it’s a right venue to pig-out cheap. Ask whether they taste good, of course, at least to me, I eat anything fit for human consumption …. Nyahahah!

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  1. mura naman ng eat all you can dyan.

  2. wow!!! as in ganyan ka mura ang eat all u can sa davao??? waaaaaah talap!!!!!

    Artsy Niko
    Niko's Home

  3. really? I'm from Dvo too. Now, i can't wait to try this restaurant you mentioned here...

  4. oo nga, mura eat-all-you-can jan sa south... kakainggit naman! i want fresh seafood tuloy! ;p

  5. ah yeah we always go here when we were fresh from log out every morning hehehe


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