I missed last weeks Girls Talk, I went to do some urgent matters and when I get back online it’s too early for this post. But I’m making it up today and I’m joining Niko’s blog on Girls Talk. Today’s theme: THE MOST EXPENSIVE FOOD I EVER HAD.

Just let your imagination wander, sorry guys no picture as this happen way before I started blogging.

I think this is universal knowledge that much of human spendings in terms of food are spent when you sit on a posh resto and open their menu and let a toque-wearing buddy cook the food for you. This happen to me when a Chinese friend of mine, they own quite a number of hardwares here in the city, came home from Barcelona and called all her girl friends and treated us to dinner.

When we get to the resto, I was expecting for the waiters to come and get our orders, but to my surprise they all came out in platters and we were told then to enjoy our food. It was my first time to savor a ‘bird’s nest soup’ I really enjoyed it to the bones. I was thinking some ‘Buddha jumps over the wall’. After all the moments in good spirits, its time to check on the bill, but this friend of ours told us ‘it’s on the house’, least I realized they own the resto.

But our curiosity prodded us to let her enumerate the cost of the food that we ate, after all the calculations, I almost fell on my chair, imagine I devoured in just a matter of 10 minutes, P2,500.00 worth of a petite bowl of birds nest soup. Dang! too expensive soup.

But I think the price is worth the labor of those who fearlessly climbed the cave holes just to have that soup on my table.

So there, my most expensive food ever! I will think a hundred times if I will order and pay it myself…. Kuripot!

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