If you know Sue Augustine and her book Sanity Secrets for Stressed-Out Women, then you will get yourself well aware of these ways; but for the sake of those who do not I’m sharing these 12 CREATIVE WAYS TO FIT EXERCISE INTO YOUR LIFE and my stories behind each way when I did them.

Sue Augustine said;

Way 1:
Rather than going out for coffee or lunch to chat with a friend, go for a brisk walk as you visit…. (I said: Do this when the coffee shop is just a stone throw away, or you’ll end up with sweating armpit meeting someone, not under a scorching sun.)

Way 2:
While driving tighten and release your buttocks, thighs, and tummy muscles … (I said: I don’t feel comfortable doing this while on the move, but try doing it on red lights, it works, though you will not see the immediate effect it releases some tensions while on the road.)

Way 3:
Do leg lifts or crunches while cooking dinner or when watching TV … (I said: I don’t recommend doing one when cooking, you might burn yourself if not the one you’re cooking, best when done watching TV.)

Way 4:
Choose far-off parking spots and walk to the mall or office … (I said: Do this when you feel the area is secure, when there are security guards roaming. Best done when sun is hiding or what can I do all near-the-mall parking spots were taken)

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  1. I like the third one, crunching while cooking, your opinion that is. LOL..

  2. @ Khim, thanks for dropping by .. all the best.

    @ Josie, same thanks goes to you .... I appreciate it very much ...


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