My latest photo is the one on my sidebar, presently in my shoulder length hair, but lately I’m thinking of having a wishy-washy cut. This is Katie Holmes’ pixie cut in 2008, she’s so gorgeous and sophisticated, and I love her hair, this is I think a perfect cut for a handy woman like me. I’m not sure if I would look like her …. Ahahahah! Just a little flapper sense, at a socially acceptable level, tsk, tsk.. See this woman’s metamorphosis soon… not this weekend still has to tend to my herd …..

Isn’t she lovely?

What's a pixie cut?
This refers to a short woman's hairstyle generally short on the back and sides of the head and slightly longer on the top.


  1. wow cool ate vernz! angayan man ka mag pixie hair cut... pag post dayon ug picture ha! hehehe

  2. ate vernz ang ganda nun hairstyle! omg! sayang...the last time i went to my hairdresser, i asked him to give me a pixie cut but he said isesemi-rebond nya muna ako. afterwards he was hesitant to cut it short na.

  3. @ Sherry, thanks for being a loyal visitor, I appreciate it very much..

    @ Kay, lagi oi maayo ni pwede walay panudlay ...LOL..

    @ Bambie... sayang di naman kasi.. but I need this very badly... I'm certain ... this is it... lol.. Thanks for dropping by.


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