Been crazy lately with or schedules that I forgot I’m falling short of time shopping for a dress to wear to an occasion I’m attending this weekend. I’m thinking of something safe to wear and what can be safest than a little black dress.

I was surfing around when I spotted this;

Photo credits: Shopping and Sales Queen

I may not look like this lady when I wear something like this though, but I adore Korean dresses, there is something in their sense of style that exudes femininity and romance. I’m hesitant to buy this out since I cannot fit it … my arms are not what standards of society dictates … got a chicken arm … whewww! I’ll go for something with sleeves. Ta-ta, got to head to our local mall. See you!


  1. cool! sis maritess has an online store selling same stuff :)

  2. Hi Mrs. Kolca, do you have the link?. thanks for dropping by!


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