I don’t normally post contest entries on this blog, but take this as an exception. I’m joining Beautynomics: Play Makeup/Accessories Matchmaker Contest and I feel my entry appropriate to be posted on this blog. I’m no fashion savvy but I love to mix and match my wardrobe and this made me interested with this contest.

So the Contest Rule is to choose one of Jean & Rosz’s accessories and make some statements on what make-up goes best with the accessory.

I love this snake bracelet, it exudes power, outrageousness, untamed character yet sleek and dainty.

I think this accessory goes well with a modern Cleopatric-look, if this accessory is made bigger it can be made as an arm bracelet that is very perfect for a Cleopatra look.

I’m seeing a woman with this look in smokey-eyes a subdued cheek and lip color to compliment the striking bangs although not necessarily since its a modern Cleopatra;

it will look even stunning if a woman into this look is in her gold accented, low-cleavage line flowing dress in a slim open-toe stiletto.

This contest runs til June 5, 2010.
For more details CLICK HERE.


Sherry said...

nice contest have to find out

Verna Luga said...

@ sherry, you should sis.. you too can join..

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