Waah! It’s been quite a while since I have not tasted even just a drop of alcohol, even red, white, rose or whatever alcohol as it is banned from at least 50 meters vicinity of our house because of the little kids. Thus, when I was invited to attend yesterday’s girl friends evening chat, I gargled on straight the Sauvignon Blanc served to us. I surprise myself I didn’t get woozy at all.

It’s a pleasure seeing old friends, talking about bloopers of the past and laugh at it with no hesitations and reservations. All six of us friends has gotten into the dizzy world of settling down, so to speak, everyone had proven can perpetuate human species and on the side having little angst over the pressure having to raise children in this modern, material, expensive world.

As usual men, er, our husbands really can’t relate to women’s talk, they had their own german beer boot session at the patio, glad this friend hostess of ours has been blessed quite a lot and can afford to hire maids that serve them nuts, or else we could have been serving them sacks of popcorn from the corner’s convenience store, yeah, those were the days.

I woke up late the following morning, feeling so good that I had renewed connection with good old friends.


  1. Its indeed go to be reunited with Friends, I hope we could do that with my college colleague but geez their house and work are so far away from where I lived so it is really impossible. Haist

  2. Hi Anne, these friends of mine are all working far from us also, it just so happen they came all here for a vacation... anyway thanks for dropping by....


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