Gosh, unless I robbed a bank, win a lottery and be Manny Pacquiao’s other woman, then I might, I will splurge on Hermes. But seriously, dang! How can this bag cost a fortune.

It is said that Victoria Beckham, or Posh Spice as she was formerly fondly called and the fashionista wife of my, oh my, I adore this man, ever endeared idol, the world’s highest paid footballer, David Beckham, owned about a hundred Hermes Birkin Bags, estimated about $2M.

Mrs. Beckham is not the only one who has been hankering this holy grail of purses, almost every woman who has an air of fashion longs to have one and includes me, … just in my dreams as of this time, LOL! Drooling on these bags.

photo credits: Marieclaire

But why this bag is so expensive and most coveted? It is said that Hermes bags does not pass an assembly line, all bags are manually handcrafted and takes about 24 hours to finish one. Even the rich and the famous should wait to own. Unlike those ones you buy from a department store where you can dump and buy a new one whenever it’s torn and frayed, not with Hermes, you can send it back to the makers for repair and reconditioning.

Hermes only sourced its material from the world’s exotic animals, like crocodile, ostrich, goats, etc. I wonder if human skin can be the next most expensive blue diamond studded human skin bag …. Jocks….! But seriously, how many crocodiles, goats … and its relatives were butchered just to come up with the world’s most coveted Hermes bag?

Waaaahhhh, ta-ta, got to rob a bank …. Thanks for dropping by.


  1. Dumadami na den ang mga taong may original Hermes dito sa Pinas.

    Btw, I went to Greenbelt today to visit Bvlgari and I saw the only Hermes store in the Philippines. Grabe. Feeling ko, di nila ako tatanggapin don kapag gusto kong pumasok. Mukhang kabisado nila kung sinu-sino lang ang may milyones eh. Haha!

  2. She is lucky to have rich husband. i love her fashion.

  3. I love victoria beckham's fashion style! and so her bags!

  4. @ Mrs. Kolca... totoo ka sis ... ganun ka intimidating yung store na yan ... jocks .... thanks for the drop.

    @ Shydub... indeed... one rich, famous husband ... she's so successful LOL!

    @ kayce... hello... love her fashion style too, but can;t keep up with the price... palit nalang ko sa ukay-ukay ... nyahahaah! thanks Kay.

  5. she is lucky women married to Mr Beckham


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