So many women develop to an excessive degree of being sorry for herself, thus, without end always find personal ill-treatments towards petty things in life.

They say self-pity is self-centeredness. People who are sorry for themselves can never be truly sorry for others. Often, and in reality, no person is to be pitied more than a woman who thinks always that her personal pains comprise the focal point of the cosmos.

This easier-said-than-done way of seeing oneself, self-pity, causes disbelief and dread to a woman, and if one should yield, often we frustrate ourselves every step of the way.

I believe that no misfortune is natural in human existence, which we cannot turn into our own outmost advantage, so come on gurl! Keep looking up!

Learn from infamous Max Factor make-up artist lines … ‘Never dwell on what you consider your bad feature. Every woman is born with attributes she can play up. Any woman can achieve glamour of her own if she will have assurance that is lovely’…. Right Gurls!

Claiming those lines…. I am lovely like Angelina Jolie! Nyahahahaha! Thanks for dropping Woman’s √©lan vital.


  1. You have shared some very effective and vital words in this post. Self-pity is admitting failure. The failure is in the fact that you do not accept the gift of life granted to you as a unique individual. To want to be like someone else or have what someone else has is truly a weakness and an insult to your own uniqueness.

    One truly must learn to accept and love who they are to find true happiness in their life~

  2. Hi Dorothy, thanks for dropping by, you are perfectly very correct ... but human as we are we sometimes feel insecurity, but what is more substantive than grounding yourself to the true fact of our existence... all the best!

  3. Yeah! That's the spirit girl! Keep moving forward for a brighter tomorrow :)


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