I was really saddened when I knew Girls Talk will only be until this June, I understand how Niko ganda is feeling and although I love it to continue, there’s nothing more I can do than understand her reasons.

I was absent from GT the whole month since I have not brought pictures of my past friends here in my present house, all of my single blessedness memorabilia were left at my moms house. But not all endings are sad, Niko is giving away $20 in a form of a raffle for those who can complete this month’s GT. I’m certain I will qualify for the raffle… nyahahaah!

Anyway this week’s topic is all about my shower loot. I’m no vanidosa when it comes to bathing, I can survive with Safeguard and shampoo, I don’t even put hair conditioner often because I have limp hair and it easily fall off.

But at the comfort of my bathroom, here’s what I have …
I love Johnson’s baby wash, I use Ponds anti-bac facial foam for my face and obviously I use Sunsilk for my hair and once a week I apply hot oil treatment, I don’t maintain a brand for this whatever suits my sense of smell I pick it up. The Suave smoother is daughter’s shampoo. And on top of everything, I use tawas, I don’t use deodorant… I’m afraid of parabens; I’m not ready yet to die early, nyahahahah! Aside from being effective, it’s very, very cheap…. So there, the rest are very basic, feminine wash, mouth wash ….etc….

A peep at where I scrub and scratch my kili-kili, singit and all everyday.

A family that stays together, brushes together … (toinks!)


  1. sis its not the end of GT, I saw new post its going to contnue :D

  2. Thanks Sherry for the info, put some amends already .... feeling too tired to redo... nyahahaha!

  3. Ang cute ng mga toothbrush. Sayo yong pink sis? :)

  4. hehe.. mine is up

  5. sis I added this blog and in this side of town to blog roll, please add me back :D

  6. ako naman, i can't stand without conditioner.. hehe..

  7. Johnson's baby wash is not just for babies :) I use it too sometimes.

  8. Super organized, ang ganda!

    I think we are one of the few families who don't brush the teeth in the bathroom (we brush our teeth in the kitchen), It just feels a little awkward brushing the teeth near the toilet. Hehehehe.

    My shower loot's HERE.

  9. aww..tawas!yan din ang gamit ko before but now I still use rexona of pinas na dinala ko pa hanggang dito lol!

    Happy GT!!^_^

  10. infairness complete talaga ang shower loot mo ate :)

  11. wow ang galing mo ate..adyan na lahat..

    by the way, ako nga po si Charmie na bisaya taga Davao.. thanks for dropping by my blogs.:)

  12. wow very organized kaayo ate vernz! in fairness nice kaayo inyong bathroom...

  13. hi! dnt worry d p end ng girls talk....resume p dn sya =)

    nweis nice kasabihan "A family that stays together, brushes together" ahahhah nice one!

  14. And you got so many things out there, hahaha ako lang yata ang poor I don't have much in my shower loot lol well anyway here's mine thanks

  15. my little one is using johnson's body wash and suave smoothers too sis! pink variant lang nga, nice cia no? :)

    u may view mine here

  16. I super love the tooth brush holder! So cute <3 and I also like buying shampoos that I think smell really good :)

    Thank you for dropping by my page and commenting and also for following me ;)


  17. ang galing mo naman at very organized ang inyong bathrom! yung akin hindi..

    The Peach Kitchen
    blowing peachkisses
    peach and things

  18. we are both sunsilk girl vernz...hehe..i agree with the ladies here..nice bathroom and very organize..I love that toothbrush holder..

  19. I like your toothbrush rack, so cute smilies :)

  20. i love ur toothbrush holder!!! so cute!! :)

    u can be an endorser of bath products ha!!! anung say ni mega jan!! hihihi

    thanks for joining GT ha!!! See u next week, cant wait to see what’s inside your vanity kit! happy weekend girl!

    Artsy Niko
    Niko's Home

  21. i don't maintain the same brand of shampoo too sis...i try others na pleasing ang bango:)


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