I stumble on a blog that features these Gucci Fashion Clothing line, I got so very, very fascinated these are gorgeous outfits, but they’re quite expensive, so sad I have some other mommy priorities, hope hubby can read this. But anyway might as well look for some great replica at the ‘tiangge’. LOL!

The first photo with animal skin vest is not quite fit for Philippine weather, so I can take that off and replace it with a thinner one, the mocca dress is glorious, this is a perfect fit for moms with layers of love handles like me, LOL! but not the boots, maybe just gladiator sandals will do. Except for the two-piece swimsuits.. I love them all.

See these, they’re gorgeous right?

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  1. waaaaaa bagay kaayo na sa akoa Vernz, pero di ka afford ang bulsa...bug-at ra kaayo hehehe..yes..replica na lang kay kaya pa hehehehe

  2. @ Kat, hahahahaha! same to you! di ba, ganahan kaayo ko anang brown... ipasundog na nako... LOL!

  3. nahahaha, why not the two-piece, if I have their body shape why not, hehehe..

  4. Well, they're Gucci; expensive alright. I really fancy their bags. Maybe in the near future.


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