I stopped doing this craziness of mine when I got married. I settled going with my husband on a Sunday mass, but I still question…. Ewan ko ba siguro nga grabe yung influence ng mga anthropologic leanings ko on religion. But I teach my children how to pray, I just don’t let them see that their mother is OK at worshipping spirits of stones, of trees, mga bulkan, sapa, etc… LOL…


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Hahahah, rebelde? This is interesting I made an academic paper on this before, I remember the title was Woman’s Spirituality: Trailing the road towards opposing the typical. My nun-teacher gave me a Failing Grade unless I rewrite it according to her will, parang si Jesus! That’s the politics of education, what can I do I need to pass, so I rewrite it according to her will ….naging A Woman’s Journey Towards achieving Spirituality …. E di binigyan niya ako ng 1.0… hahaha!

Makulay yung spiritual na buhay ko, I grow up under a strict baton of religious parents, di lang basta religious, a way of life under a Seventh-Day Adventist household, the sunset to sunset rule is strictly observed. Living a life dictated by the SDA dogma was extremely observed. But I often question that’s why my mother often hit me … questions she never knew the answer … a problem every religious people fail to respond.

When I was in college I attended virtually all religious gatherings my friends are into, merong umiiyak, merong tumatawa, I attended even the congregation of Benny Hinn, merong humahawak sa TV, sa radio at yung pinaka sa lahat …. Kay Bro. Eli ng Ang Dating Daan… I dared to ask question from the floor when they had their mass indoctrination here in Davao … Brother, Bakit walang pakpak ang elepante …. Basa! Dahil pag-dinapuan ka nun … daig mu pa ang kotseng pumasok sa ilalim ng trailer…. Di ko malaman kung tatawa ako o iiyak sa sobrang disappointment.

You might not understand me, but I exactly know what my spiritually is all about … It’s all about knowing myself that in so doing I know where to position myself in dealing with whatever spirituality and religiousity one has and is willing to die for and I with all knowledge and facts RESPECT ONE FOR WHATEVER DECISION, CIRCUMSTANCES S/HE HAS TO MAKE IN THEIR LIVES. --- that’s the core of my spirituality.


  1. Hala ate , yong Seventh day adventist ganun ang Jewish Religion.. Sunset to sunset talaga.!

    natawa ako sa entry mo, at least your being honest .hehehe! I'm not religious too but I respect people views spiritually:)

  2. mz.vernz, haha, kaaliw talaga mga entry mu sa gt, i love it... kip it up ^_~

  3. hi sis yeah she is nun but different type as she can eat meat and drink alcohol.

  4. hi sis....=)
    tnks for the visit....i dunno what to say ...pero sabi mo nga
    tama! kanya kanyang paniniwala lang yan...salamat sa mga taong sumusubok na dalhin tayu sa tamang landas....pero wag nila tyung pilitin..=P ako naman pag bukal sa kalooban ko i love doing it. AKo i am 'sometimes' attending mass because somehow that makes me feel so relief...but i always pray at home nmn...=)
    hays! ehehhehe =))

  5. hehehe.. nalingaw ko basa ani teh dah...

    cge teh join ko taud2x ga sige pa error mag-ilis pa ko IP paghuman nko email sa ako report..

    Salamat pud diay ganiha ra nako nahimo ang header with the help of scrap freebies.. hihihi

  6. Regardless of what spiritual path we take, bottomline should always be "respect."

    My GT post this week is up HERE.

  7. Spiritualism is something private so that nobody can interfere. Stick to whatever you believe and leave other people with their beliefs. By doing so, there will be no more war concerning religion or spiritualism. But somehow, SOME CERTAIN PEOPLE just don't get it (sigh)

    I totall y agree with you up there, though I can't understand some parts of your post (I think those parts were written in Tagalog. Am I right?)

    Good thought

  8. thanks vernz for the invite, linked na lahat ng sites mo sa kin, :) btw. medyo masalimuot yang GT mo hehehe, but I agree we should respect each individual's spiritual beliefs.

  9. Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my entry <3 I also am happy that I am able to find people like you, who live across the globe, and understand what I was trying to say :) High five to that :)

    I 100% support your decisions and like the way you chose to live your way when it comes to spirituality <3 One thing is for sure, nothing should be forced, so the core of your spirituality is definitely something I can identify with too ;)

  10. Tama ka naman, kanya kanya tayo ng paniniwala di ba? You don't have to judge others because of their religions, they can believe on what they want to believe and leave us alone, hehehe! Lots of people act like they are so spiritual and yet outside church they're so mean and just nasty people. We don't have to announce what we believe in, we do it and practice it.

  11. Parehas pala tayo, ako rin,mahilig umattend sa mga kung ano ano basta may nag invite,sama ako, I feel like I've been looking for something, Muslim na lang yata ang hindi ko napasok, i attended SDA too bec my best friend in college is SDA.I'm glad now that finally,after endless searching,God found me. :)

  12. Hello Vernz,

    I couldn't anymore agree with you. If we don't learn to respect anybody's choice thus decision, then there would always be misunderstanding or chaos(looking at a bigger picture). Religious debate is just never ending.

    Ever since I introduced my daughter in reading bible stories, I have been flooded with questions, which I must admit, I had asked the same to my mother, and were left unanswered up to now. I just tell my daughter that, it's better to believe in someone or something than to believe in nothing, if that's what makes you feel close to being spiritually complete.

    What a thought provoking post.
    Good day V!

  13. Natawa naman ako dito, especially dun sa part ng Dating Daan. :D

    But seriously, I like how honest you are about your spirituality. Personally I believe that faith becomes stronger if we allow ourselves to really seek God instead of just settle for what we were forced to accept when we were young. Of course iba na yung pag-worship sa mga bato at sapa, haha.

    Thanks for visiting my site and leaving your comment. I agree with you, the church really does have to reassess and be more relevant to 21st-century people.

  14. "worshipping spirits of stones, of trees, mga bulkan, sapa, etc" hahahaha! aylabeht!

    pero true na true ka dito vernz. in fact, i respect you highly for having the courage to ask questions when it comes to religion, because not a lot of people do that. others just meekly follow, and others (like me) just let it pass. para na lang wag humaba ang discussion. religion kasi is a very sensitive subject di ba? kaya being the non-confrontational person that i am, i just keep silent when religious people preach.

    i was very entertained and enlightened by this post! galing!


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