Sorry Ladies, it’s just that I run out of wits again and need to loosen up a bit, although I have something in mind what to write next, gee, my body and mind are just too weak…LOL. Meantime while roaming around I spotted these photos… The figures actually did not amaze me, what amaze is that how these ladies are positioned at some place convenient for pumping … I wonder whether the designer of these fixtures love women or hate women …

This photo for instance, are women really susceptible to some quickie thing at the restroom or lavatory why did the designer think it so? … Dang!

This one is another well thought of design … I kinda love this …. the pink butt catcher... LOL!

I just thought, in a not so distant future, men doesn’t need women in flesh anymore, they can design a plastic/silicon thing of this sort and pump it right there without the hassle of harassing women.

Just me and my weird thinking, Philippines can actually have this strategy to slow down population growth … What do you think? Men can just live with that.

Oh, this one is too much, that big! ooooookkk!

Disclaimer: I don't claim ownership of these photos.


  1. hahaha! naunsa naman ni oi! asa man kakuha aning mga photos ate vernz ka joker ba kaayo ani... im sure ganahan kaayo ang mga lalaki ani... LOL!

  2. wow they are cute, but I am not sure if it is legal here. lol

  3. saan mo ba yan nakitang mga photos na yan ate lol.. Love the butt catcher lol.

  4. Hi, Vernz, enjoy ako sa photos na yan. And to think that the ones who made them call them "Art". But, really creative, in a sense.

  5. Yikes...now that is some very provocative furnishings...typically for a bachelor pad no doubt :)

  6. nyahahahahaha.......agree ako kay Dorothy L na pang bachelor pad na sya o kayay para sa mga girls na gustong mag explore..hahaha ambot oi...pero nice tong pink butt..wonder lang ko kung girls butt ba na or men's butt kay kung mens butt na, na matusok ta anang atubangan inig lingkod nato waaaaaaaaaaaaaa...nyahahahahaha

  7. Sorry, I find most of them distasteful and demeaning to women. Where were the first ones found, restroom in some gentlemen's club?

  8. I agree with Serline, and I don't think it's an art. :(


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