After giving birth to three children, my tummy has then became my problem area clothing wise. Sometimes it will take me some time roaming around the department store’s ladies area to finally spot one that will perfectly fit and at the same time camouflage my bulging tummy, and on top of it all matches my budget. I spotted this photo at Breeze Solution, its quite expensive buying this online, I've settled to have three of it replicated by my modista… LOL!

These clothing styles are perfect to cover big momma’s tummy. Enjoy!


  1. I wear those types of tops too--long and bulgy, also to hide my tummy. We, women, are wise; we know how to remedy unattractive situations.

  2. I like the green tops... hides my bulging tummy.. heheh

  3. wow mao pud ni akong ganahan nga mga clothes ate! para macoveran ang mga bilbil... hehehe!

  4. @ CArmen, hahahah.. oo naman parang kasalanan natin kung tight fit ka tapos yung nakasunod sa yo e pinausapan ka...LOL!

  5. that's exactly my secret ate lol, my husband cALL IT "BILBIL CONCEALER" HAHAHA..


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