As a mother, you can’t just think of anything else but all for the good of your children, I plan about the big and small things about my children’s lives, that is while they are still under my care. But while big things cannot just happen right then and there, I stay focused on the small things that least we realized have great impact later on their adult life.

Toys are just one of them, play and toys are an integral part of growing up, it fosters learning from our surroundings, children ascertain their identity through toys, discover relationships, develop their muscles, mind and body coordination, clever eye sights, enhance skills and moreso develop social skills, to sum it all up, toys are more than just a piece of clutter and enjoyment in fosters deep influence in the many aspects of life of a person.

So, if you are convinced about what these pieces cause your kids, there are great educational toys available online, you can have brain teasers, puzzles, wooden toys that lead-free and are safe for your children. It may be an excruciating task picking all those clutters everyday, but look at the optimistic side of this undertaking.


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