Yeah, this sounds like an old tale, told over and over again – How to boost a woman’s self-esteem? I’m making this post intentionally for a friend of mine to read, who for the longest time has been suffering, suffering might be too cruel a word but that’s how I see her, from too much self-neglect. I won’t blame her for acting that way as I know where she’s coming from.

Women who have an inferiority complex find it hard to relate to people around her. Although on bad hair days I don’t feel good also about myself it’s not a permanent feeling. At times they imagine they lack attractiveness or accomplishments, social graces and the like, but don’t let go of the idea that every woman is endowed with unique gifts. You just have to do some sort of a self-inventory, you have to recognize your positive and negative qualities.

I remember Boy Abunda made an interview with Angel Locsin, and she said, you have to make yourself believe first that you are a beauty before others will believe that you are indeed. You can’t expect anyone to value you if you don’t value yourself.

If you feel that you are not good enough to be a friend, a mom, a blogger then there’s no reason for you to be one.

Come-on Joanna! Cheer-up darling friend, Focus on your good traits and in a not so distant future, take it from me girl…. You’ll be able to face the world with confidence. Although at times we are vulnerable to attracting negative vibes, ditch all those and make ‘I CAN DO IT’ your mantra.

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