I stumbled on this video while roaming around. A mom killed her children because she doesn’t like them as they are autistic, she first let them drink a bathroom cleaner, but when the children refused to, she strangled them with a wire. See this report.

As a stay-at-home mom I also go crazy sometimes, I got pissed off by booing, catcalling, whining of my children, but that’s just a spur of the moment anger. This kinda thinking is definitely out. I’m in no position to judge this woman, she might have reasons, whatever it is, she is accountable to the law of humans and of nature.


  1. Oh my gosh, this is horrible tVernz.. Grabe..

  2. maybe she was afraid of what will happen to her children when she is gone, we don't know if she did it for her children's or for her sake, but definitely it is wrong and she is accountable for what she has done.

  3. this is sad, she gives life to them and she takes it back. :(

  4. halaka oi.. naturiring na jud ning mamaha ni ai..

  5. Kawawa naman siya coz I think she's really crazy, not only sometimes. Yes, she has to pay for her crime but I don't think she'd go to jail but she'd be sent to the mental hospital.


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