Yes, if you're a couch potato and can't get enough of your home theater, this bag is for you. I was thinking at first if it's only cellphones and cars where you can built-in a monitor, well, quote me wrong ... this time it can be your purse.
Perfect for ladies who are always on the road but need to see their favorite TV show. Don’t miss a TV show with the built-in TV in this purse. Using 100% genuine Italian leather, this purse by HannSpree looks ultra-hip. Perfect as a gift as I am sure most women will love this. Features a 9.6 inch screen with 800×600 resolution. More information available at HannSpree.


LP said...

mura ug bug at tali ni da... dili lang ko palit ani... mas ganahan ko mag laptop while travelling lami sige chat hahahaha


Dhemz said...

na bilabi naman sad...mau ni sa mga adik sa tv...ehhehehe!

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