BALENCIAGA'S 10th Year Anniversary Collection

Balenciaga has released its 10th anniversary bag collection. They are to die for. Owning one is undeniably one of the desires of my heart, but I just don’t mean it so seriously as they are too pricey, $1,600.00 (P70,000.00) just for a bag is already a fortune for me, it can save me a year of tuition fee. LOL, but they are gorgeous, eloquently stunning. Let my eyes feast on these lovelies.

Disclaimer: Photos not mine.


Sherry said...

wow so pretty yeah too pricey, then I think I can put the money on good use if I have that much.

Karen Chayne said...

haguy kamahal ate vernz oi! mas prefer pa nako magpalit ug ukay2x nga bag kaysa ani.. LOL!

Unknown said...

waaaaaaaaa...kamahal, pamasahe naman nako na pabalik sa Sweden...kutob na lang ta tan-aw ani...hehe walay look a like ana diri hehehe

Dhemz said...

hahaha...namuot ko sa comment ni kayce...sos adto nalang ko sa ukayukay...branded! aw branded man sad ni pero mahal kau...korek si mami kat...plete na ni pauli sa pinas +!

singapore florist said...

These bags are ery prety. I like the amazing colours and designs , I really want to have such fabulous post. Thanks for this nice sharing.

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