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I can’t remember anymore how many times I’ve watched this movie, my all-time favorite that I would recommend watching with a friend. This is a fictionalized story though and I haven’t had this kind of experience ever in my life, my love story was a whirlwind romance, but it’s always nice to know that somewhere, somehow in this world, there can be moments like this in someone else’s life.

And this movie is starred by this pretty woman, Julia Roberts….. talking about My Best Friend’s Wedding. Here’s a cut of my favorite scene.

And the quotable quote … Kemi says ………… if you love someone you say it.. you say it.. right then.. out loud, otherwise the moments just passes you by

Ladies and gentlemen … now is the right time, you say it out loud, otherwise, those moments will pass you by.

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Sherry said...

hehe.. nice movie sis check out mine later at

January Zelene said...

I've seen this so many times pud Ate Vernz... Nindot jud ug ka taw-anan.. mao ra ni movie nakita nako nga mag best friend wala nag dayun.. hehehe

charmie said...

Hahahaha,I've watched it a few time with Sara..My VHS pa dito kaya paulit ulit ng alaga ko panoorin. Pati pud ako , hehehe! said...

hahaha, I so love this movie Teacher Vernz, hahaha
inlove ako dito... galing ni julia roberts.. one of her best movies ang my bestfriend's wed.

Happy Girls Talk

Jenn Valmonte said...

I was able to watch this with my college friends, and naku, halos lahat ata kami ng cassette tape ng soundtrack! :)

My GT post is up HERE.

anne said...

girl memorize na memorize ko ang line na ito dati hehehe

Rechie said...

i didn't really watched the whole movie..some parts of it. I would give this movie a try pag mkavisit ulit sa video city. I agre with the qoute Maam Vernz..wag na patumpik-tumpik hehehe

Mine is here

Mel_Cole said...

Oh yes, I've seen that. Funny and entertaining film :)

Random WAHM Thoughts said...

LURVE this movie to bits. as in! ilang beses ko na rin napanood. kilig pa rin ako. haha!

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