We just came from an exhausting Samal day tour; we brought the children to the beach early in the morning as the old folks would say it is good for their health. But other than soaking in the cold morning sea water, it was also a great chance for us to visit my husband’s relatives living in Samal Island here in Davao.

It’s been a while that we have not visited their place and we we’re surprised to see that it has changed a lot since the last time we visited, they had their house renovated and the whole ground floor was left vacant with rooms, it was so spacious, the fresh air coming from the sea just pass through and through, it was so cozy. They furnished it with rustic furniture that complimented their country beach concept house.

I never knew rustic furniture can be that stylish, even their bar has rustic bar stools, it gives you that feeling of being close to nature, not to mention the lush greenery outside their house. It was a memorable trip, and while scribbling on this experience, my troop is now on their way to dreamland.

Thanks lovelies for dropping by see you again.

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