This is what she is known for. I’m really a big fan of Senator Merriam Santiago, she’s a woman of courage, of intelligence, of substance and has a mouth of a gun.

I’m writing to air my unsolicited opinion about her rage on the unconstitutionality of PNoy’s Truth Commission. Ano Raw? Hindi constitutional yung commission na ya-an, show me what provision in the constitution … etc… etc… For heaven’s sake Mrs. Senator, I know you memorized the periods and the commas of the fundamental law of the land, I understand this is also needed for an orderly society, but come on lady, this is the people’s chance, this is my chance who let’s you sit in that position, I swear I voted for you, to let us know what really the truth is behind these issues left by previous administration left unanswered.

Why can’t Mrs. Merriam Santiago give this process a chance, if this is unconstitutional then why can’t she just suggest, make a resolution or anything, something that somehow will make this commission push through in accordance with the constitution, kung yun ang ipinagpuputok ng butsi niya … waaaaaaahhhh, how can this country move on, if people that we think we can trust can help us are the ones pulling us down.

I admit, I did not vote for Noynoy as president I voted for Gibo, but I’m no pro-Gloria. But I see President Aquino's sincerity and me as a proud, law abiding, tax paying citizen of this country is giving him a chance.

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