Oi, I’m really a Robin fanatic, promise …. Not a Mariel Rodriguez fan though, but there’s something between these two Philippine celebrity that tickles my fancy … whether gimmick or not … I love to see them on screen together … halata bang taong bahay …LOL.

I don’t watch this E-live show but when my cousin told me they had a talk together, I stirred Youtube to find the video … so kinilig naman ako waaaaaaaaaaaaaa, sus kung ako ba naman bigyan ng diamond ring, hayyyyyyyyy!….. just sharing, you might be interested ….

Here’s the two part interview of Mariel Rodriguez with Robin Padilla … awwwwwwww, ang haba ng hair ni Mariel … watch this.

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  1. haguy mag post pud unta ko ani nila duha ate ai... gikilig man gud pud kunuhay ko...nyahahahha!


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