Blogging is I think one of the post modern practices that hooked thousands and millions of people on their computers around the world. Some say blogging is stress relieving but I find it ironic though, because life in the internet is the craziest of all.

It’s even worst when you want to update your blog and seems like there’s nothing you can squeeze out of your mind. But then again internet is internet, you can have whatever, wherever and whenever you wanted, its probably the most self-sufficient society, where you can find solution to every problem even aliens are faced into… tons of DIY thing, photos of just whatever humans can think of, but what is critical is when you have nothing to write on which I often find myself into, thank the gods of the internet there’s Article Alley, it’s a site where you can snatch articles and you can republish it in your blog provided all original links remain and due acknowledgment to the author is given.

But it would be more principled if we too can share article for others to consume, they accept write-ups from your break-up to the split ends of you hair. Check it out.


  1. Yes, it's true. Sometimes, my mind went blank like ppffttt and had nothing to write. But, it's my laziness that needs spanking, also.. lolz.

    OT: humana diay tong Teacher's Link Exchange? waaa.. hulat na lang ko sa sunod.. huhu

  2. hi ate vernz!

    oi congrats! nakadaug ka atong contest sa jean and rosz... check it out ate... ako dayon balato ha! nyahahaha!


  3. Hi Vernz!

    I haven't been on for a while. Great article. I write for Ezine articles and I'm registered to write for article alley. I'll have to get busy with that. Authors love to have their articles out and about. It brings people to those "allowed" links. I'm such a blabber mouth I'll be shocked if I ever run out of things to write about. I've been on this earth for a long time so maybe that's why LOL.
    Thanks for keeping my blog link on your site. Yours is still on mine. I love your blog! Come by and see mine getrealfit.blogspot.com I made a lot of changes. I added even another blog to my list of blogs. I'm redoing my website too.

    Take care!

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