For the longest time I have been wearing my hair short, obviously for reasons that I don’t have the luxury of time fussing with my hair. But according to hairstylists, short hair reveals more of your personality, if it is well-cut it emphasizes femininity, especially if you have it done in chunky layers and let-out the softness cut into the hair. Short hair also makes your hair thicker, glossier and healthier-looking.

But most women worry about damaged hair, Joico.com has ultimate way of helping you get the hair every woman wanted; they have this breakthrough product that promises ultimate ways to repair your damaged hair. So why not check it out now and try it for yourself.


♥peachkins♥ said...

short hair is not for me..

zh3en22 said...

i was thingking of having a short haircut yesterday, pero di natuloy... baka today ma2loy na.. hmmm bagay kaya sa akin?

Unknown said...

I'd cut my hair so short during two pregnancies. I just couldn't bear the extra heat I was feeling during those times.

Good day V!

Dhemz said...

hubby don't want me to cut my hair shorts...na miss nako akong boy cut style...ehhehehe!

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