A will is our capability of conscious choice, decision and intention and often because of so much social pressure and circumstances that are beyond our control, human as we are, we tend to fall short of our will to continue, not just with the things that we do, the things that we feel are important but at the worst even with life.

And if you are experiencing such unwillfulness in life here’s some exercises to strengthen your will.

1. Smile when you would rather frown.
2. Say a gentle word when you would rather snarl.
3. Do a kind deed, be it ever simple, when you would rather take your ease.
4. Think a good thought when you would rather not be thinking at all.
5. See something beautiful in every disagreeable task.
6. Speak only the good word about those who cross your path.
7. Deny yourself some little thins each day.
8. Be joyful even in the face of sorrow and misfortune.
9. And always say thank you to the people around you.

Sharing the things I’ve done to boost my will power to continue do things at hand. Thank you lovelies for dropping by.

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