Natural Glowing Dress


Gadget has become popular during these last few years. There are many types of equipment that are made by creative people to fulfill what people really want. When traditional gadget only serves as useful tools, equipped with technology it can be entertaining, moreover it can be beautiful.

If you are one of the girls who love to enjoy wearing beautiful dresses, you might want to add some sense of unique with the beautiful. Why? It is because the technology has provided a dress that can make you and your night dress looks gorgeous.

It is amazing how gadget has even helped designer to introduce new kinds of clothes. It happens in Galaxy Dress when a Dutch designer Stijn Ossevoort launched his Flare Dress. Just like its name, it has flared dandelion detailing. The dress is equipped with gentle LED that shines as the breeze touches the dress. This new technology lights up by following the pattern of the wind that blows on it so that it gives natural effect for people who looks at it. It will be best if you are going out in some outdoor party where there will be wind to enhance your look. However, just like any other kinds of electronic device, you must watch out from any direct contact with water or other liquids.

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  1. kuyawa pod ana woi...ehehehhe...mura man ug pasko...eheheh!

  2. padaan ulit dito, tinicheck ko lang to make sure di pa nasusunog tong gown lol.

  3. wow, ganda sa piesta nito :P hehehe

  4. ok naman yn cut but i dont like the idea of glowing ...


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