For some reasons I just thought of reposting this poem I wrote months ago, I don’t know it just keep coming back, maybe I need some time for myself, but I don’t know how.

Read on and tell me how you take it …

For some reasons a message of unknown origin tuned my mobile phone today and it read;

Don’t be sad if sometimes you are alone,
Being alone gives you a space to grow,
As it is hard to grow when you are too close to someone.
Remember that trees are planted far from each other so they can spread their branches well.

I don’t normally respond to messages of unknown origin but for some reasons I replied and composed;

On the contrary;
I've been longing to be alone,
But the trees around me has grown so tall,
Has grown their branches so lush,
Has grown their roots so deep,
Has grown their trunks so big and that;

Wanting to be alone is a possibility yet so far away;
Wanting to be alone would mean a long wait for those verdant branches to wither and fall;
Wanting to be alone in a space you cannot move would mean enduring, bearing, persisting;
Wanting to be alone is a realization of choosing amid living, surviving and dying.

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  1. Comment on how you take the poem, no right and wrong answer here.
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  4. This is open internationally (parcel will be sent via regular mail for winner outside of the Phils.)
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  6. Men can enter too, your wife, your girlfriend; your mom would love to have this hoop I’m sure.
  7. Thank you.
(Thanks to Mommy Bonz of Bonz World -Meet the Chef Wannabe for the code)


    1. WOW! nice lagi kaayo na imong give away ate! sige mu try pud ko ug apil... hehehe!

    2. sige ako sad, suportahan tka mommy vernz :)

    3. I can so relate... Now that I'm about to give birth anytime soon, I've been wanting to have some "me" time before the baby arrives because I know I won't be able to do that for quite some time. I'm not sad when I'm alone, I guess I thrive more and can think more clearly when I am.

      Would love to join the giveaway!

    4. Wow!! nag giveaway siya :D ... apil ko

    5. **I agree with the poem that sometimes we need to be alone.
      It's like refreshing your whole spirit, being inside of a crowded room can become very draining at times. At times, you might get lost and be influenced by other people.
      Having some time for your self can really make you grow, can give you time to meditate on your life, see clearer priorities... for me that's what being alone can do to me.
      Actually, as they say, you can be in the middle of a sea of people but you can feel alone. Being alone is not from being where you are but how you feel, and as the poem say... don't be sad, you'll somehow realize it helps being alone.** -- my comment on your poem

      By the way, I like to help with your coding of the badge issue. You can drop your email add in my personal blog if you're interested. Thanks!

    6. I agree, sometimes we have to be alone to know ourselves more, and to grow and become a better individual.

      Anyway, I spread the news about your giveaway miss Vernz... and I already have the code for your badge ^_^

      Check it out here -->

    7. When we love someone or something so much, it's so easy to lose ourselves into them (or it). But being alone sometimes is a healthy way to gather one's thoughts and priorities in the right perspective without outside pressure. It doesn't mean we need to go away for a long time, maybe a short "quiet" time anytime in the day would be good.

      Anyway, this is a great giveaway! I've even blogged about it here:


      rowan_angel7 (at) yahoo (dot) com

    8. Nyaks, my pagkamakata karin pala Ateh Vernz, hehe.

      Sometimes we feel alone and think nobody care, we are longing for attention from someone we thought they never care. That's the part of growing as the message says, making us strong despite the heart aches.

      There are times too that we want to be alone to think and meditate (feeling emo) it is part of our being alive. During those times our family or love one's are there to give comfort and care even we don't want it, that's why the branches of the trees are growing so lavish. We're not the only one in this world so don't be feel alone, single or not. Someday you're going to find someone who will fit the space between your fingers.

      In short it is hard to be alone when there's family and love one's who care.

      the badge is on my right side bar it later gym time

    9. Sometimes a person needs to be alone to think, to do things that he wanted to do without any interruption, assess his life so he could know what to do next to his life.

      I also blogged and i have your badge.

      gustosgiveawyas at ymail dot com

    10. its hard to be alone...
      though I'm always alone and i'm used to it

    11. that is a great poem . very me right now

    12. ayay! padauga dayon ko!

    13. Being alone doesn’t mean we are sad; we only opt for a space to think twice and rest. Also, we need to be alone to grow and spread our wings. I doubt being close to someone makes it hard to grow because we all need inspirations and aspirations. We strive not only for ourselves but for others as well, nearest to our heart. One cannot live by bread alone. Unless, if that someone deprive you in spreading your wings. That makes it difficult. That’s the time to choose. That’s where firm decision-making comes in. You choose!

      Comment and Win a 1.5 " Loop by Woman's Elan Vital


      Makahilak man sad ta ini oi, medyo igo ko.. nyahahaha

    14. Te Vernz, imo diay ni bag-o nga blog? If so.. wow.. daghan na ayo imo blog. Anyway, about this giveaway, I already put the badge on my left sidebar below Entrecard widget (below my TIR badge), nagwara-wara na didto Te Vernz.. heheh.. check it out.. :) And so about the poem or the whole story, it requires a logical thinking, at least or a deep understanding. As I mature, I know how being empty feels, we just have to find ways and means to overcome it. I sometimes can feel it, I just then make myself busy if that would strike me up Te Vernz.. hehehe.. or mag-brisk walking dayon.. :=) nice poem Te Vernz!

    15. I like this poem and I agree. Everyone needs a space. As for me, how I long to have my own space back. How I long to be alone. Being alone in a sense that I could do things I want to without letting somebody knew it. Being alone gives me time to gather my senses together and help me recharged.

    16. Ah..does everybody, in their deepest,humblest being so long to be alone.. To be able to just sense everything at their own special time, To be able to just while away and waste time by just doing nothing...

    17. hi again!posted your badge on my side bar but the thing is i don't know how to link back! this is one great contest and maybe u can come up with freebies for us davao participants too!yehey!!

      best of luck,keep up the good works!!love this blog!

    18. hi vernz, my mind is blank so I can't comment yet, but I love the poem. :D

    19. Some people thought that being alone means being lonely. But for me, I want to be alone from time to time, to be alone with myself help me think and re think what is more important in life and it also revitalized my energy.

      By the way, you can see the badge at my The smart Shopper blog. Thanks!

    20. Wahhh di pala nasave yung comment ko this morning. Naglloko kasi ang blogger kanina so I was hoping nasave, di pala huhuhu.

      Anyhow, I said a while a wgo that everyone of us needs an alone time.. alone time so we could think, meditate, and regather our thoughts. It is always good to have an alone time even for a short time once in a while, it gives us a break from worries and other thoughts in our chaotic world.

    21. Having your me time is important--it doesn't mean that you have to be sad to be alone.

      The badge is at Kizuna's right side bar^_^

    22. I feel like the message or poem since I am alone since the day hubby left to earn dollars for our better future. But I am only physically though for in my heart and in my mind, I am not. My husband is there, always present.

      Now as to how I take the message, I would say it implies that being alone sometimes can give you time for yourself. You'll be able to learn how to do thing on your own which will challenge and at the same time sharpen your strength. That, right now is what I am facing. I am dealing my own weakness alone right now but I know I'll get through because as days passed I'm getting stronger.

      char! super drama na ako dito Maam Vernz hehehe. join ako ha..posted the badge on my bloggies already sa The Three Chies

    23. very nice poem! an individual matures more and learn more when he's alone by himself. and I so agreed with your replied poem -> Wanting to be alone is a realization of choosing amid living, surviving and dying..

    24. btw, posted the badge in my embrace life blog!

    25. There is no right and wrong answer. In my opinion, when you composed this poem, you were kind of being choked, you want to spend time for yourself, be alone for a while to re- asses your life. You felt like you need space to move and do something. You felt like your hands were tied and can't do anything, so you are wanting and wishing for time that you can say, alone at last. I don't know, just my thought.

      Hey, if I win the contest (as if I did before) you fan send my stuff to my sister in Caloocan, kala mo mananalo eh noh?? just in case lang naman.

    26. i like loop earrings...Verz, bago ba tong blog mo?

    27. hahaha ang lakas ni Mami Liz yan ang aura..:D

      Seriously I like the poem. In my perception on it, it was as if having time for yourself, not because you wanted literally to be alone but to grow with your own. Have own voice to follow, a heart with empty worries to do so. Sometimes having enough space for oneself is important so as to figure things how they were doing. It's like being a judge in a contests, or a referee in a game, wherein you can see everything if you have enough space to see them in one. in your perception , in your idea.

    28. haguy kabalo ka ate nganong dugay ko naka apil aning imong give away? kay nag nosebleed ko sa poem oi... hehehe! dugay kaayo ma absorb sa akong utok..i need an interpreter please! hehehe

      by the way, no right or wrong answer man kaha ni ate? hokies so here's my answer... charmus!

      Actually I agree that we should give some time for our self so we could reminisce our thoughts, meditate and have a break for a short while. It will help us in regaining our strength and have a positive outlook in life that would make us a stronger and better person.

      okay padauga jud ko ate kay nag major major effort baya ko... nyahahaha!

    29. i don't mind being alone, myself. and compared with others, i think i enjoy the moments of being alone more than they do. it gives me more time for reality check and realize how lucky and blessed i am for what i have and for what i can do. thanks for giving me a chance to comment on this..

    30. Naks galing mo naman gumawa ng poem madame. I like the message and the last part is so catchy huh the award winning hoop earing to win for commenting here heheh.

    31. Hi Vernz!
      Thanks for visiting and commenting too! Here's my entry to this freebie:
      I've added your badge to my sidebar too!

      Definitely, everyone deserves space to equally think and assess what needs to be done or improve. Being a mom living alone far from kids is tough, but that makes me a stronger person to do even more in my craft. Being alone means having to journey while motivating yourself how to be of value to the entire universe!

    32. Waaaaaaah I commented na pero nd nag appear wahh anyway here's mine ulit hehehehe

      When I was still a single Mom, I was alone all the time, I always make decision for everything especially for Mj, I was happy with being alone but I felt empty inside. When Mj said she wanted to buy a father and curious how much is the father? From then on I told myself I will never be alone forever, I must fill in the emptiness of Mj and me. Now I am not alone anymore and I never felt this happiness before, so my decision was right to be able to find a man for me, not perfect but just right for me.

    33. The badge is at thanks vernz

    34. wanting some "me time" is natural, methinks, even for us moms who are supposed to dedicate our lives to our families from the moment we start being one. it's human nature i guess, to want to be alone occasionally, as company can sometimes be too "loud" or constricting. :)

      have placed the badge on my sidebar at Beauty Queen Gene as well :)

    35. waaaa I have been thinking a lot about being alone forever but i cannot..enough is enough! no way. I can't be alone forever. I already had so much space so i need somebody to fill it up now...nyahahaha. As monkeys depend on too wants to have a banana...nyahaha. kamo lang diay?

      oi apil ko ha pero wa pa ko ka grab sa badge...nag una-una ra ko ug comment diri hehehe...balik ra ko for confirmation hehehe.

      Taym sa, type nako imo gisumpay sa poem dah! reflection jud nimo as a mother and DIL sa imong MIL hahahaha

    36. i love your poem.
      i agree that there will always come a time that we just want to be alone, its the time where we want to think about our life in general without all the distractions around us.


      placed the badge in my sidebar and blogged about your contest as well

    37. i too, want to be alone... sometimes. mura ra gud ug "i need space" but you are right. it's hard to be alone now that we are married. bsan gusto mn ko mbakasyon na ako lng na wala huna-huna-on. i just cant do that k bsan layo nako i still think of my hubby most especially my kids. so mao ra ghapon, d ghapon nko mkuha ako gusto... to be alone. hehehe

      nice poem vernz! d jd tawn ko kbalo mohimo ug poem!

    38. btw, i placed the badge on EPA ;)

    39. I can relate to your poem. I stretch myself thin oftentimes with full and busy life that stress frequently bogs me down. A time alone for myself is what I need to recharge my batteries.

      shared your blog button on my sidebar about your contest post at

    40. i think i need more life experience to meet new people.... though i am w/ a lot of people... im not close to them...

    41. Time alone for one self is something we cannot do without. It is a good why to touch base with our own needs to effectively carry out our duties.

      I grabbed your button at

    42. Alone time can be a good thing. It keeps me sane, helps me to reflect and keep my perspective. Time spent in solitude helps me and to reconnect with myself.

      I follow you via GFC as curtney

      I posted your giveaway badge with a linkback on my sidebar

      curtneysison AT gmail DOT com

    43. sayang i missed this one hehe!


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