After the chaos at home the other day where my son dropped a glass of water on our dinner table and broke the glass top into pieces, I decided to take a trip to our local glass furniture store here to look for a replacement.

I had it cut customized to our table size and design, I spotted a nice top design online and I had it replicated. More than my excitement for my new table top, my kids gone crazy making faces with mirrors displayed at the wall of the store and it even made me worry more they might broke one again. I actually thought of leaving them at home, but nobody has to look for them.

Anyway, I was supposed to buy just a replacement but it ended up buying additional stuff; we scored a small aquarium, glass office furniture, and a beveled mirror for our comfort room.

My kids enjoyed the trip and had a photo opp. Anyway, if you’re looking for office furniture, chairs, lockers, cupboards there are online stores that sell a wide range of selection of this stuff, in fact some of them offer free delivery.

Just offering some thought, you might consider buying one online.

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