I think one of the most politically-laden part of a woman’s clothing is bra, it represented not just a female category, a symbol of femininity but has stood as a symbol of woman’s struggle to emancipation.

But when I saw this bra, more than it’s meaning it just awed me that from its simple beginning of burning this piece of cloth to cover and support a woman’s breast, it has come a long way to even highlight the most coveted event in the lingerie world.

More than Adriana Lima’s sultry look is this stunning 2010 Victoria Secret’s Fantasy Bra. It is said that this bra is embellished with 2,000 diamonds with an appraised value of a whooping $2.38 million. This bra will walk the Victoria Secret's fashion ramp with the lucky wearer Adriana Lima on November 30 which will be aired at CBS.

Wow, what a splurge! Is it?


  1. na tawon...kamahal kau...hahaha...1 lang man tawon VS nako nga bra...perting mahala man ilang price.

  2. ang ganda naman ng bra,lolz... beads ba yun miz Vernz...di ba makati yan,haha

  3. well, the bra looks good on her alright... pero ang mahal! ;)

    dropping by, mommy vernz!

  4. Fits perfect best bra I ever put on I recommend this one its simple and sexy all in one. Used this bra from about a week now and don't think I will switch to another brand anytime soon.


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