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Most women hate electronic projects, in fact, I’m one of those who never have tried tweaking anything related to electronics, maybe because for the longest time the notion of public and private divide has still been rigorously observed. Although at some point this is still highly disputed theory since there are now women who have invaded and has found a niche in public or men domain.

But for women who will dare and take the challenge and eventually excel in this area, I would recommend you try how to Make Solar Panels, this is a very good start to hone your interest in electronics, this does not only stir your brain on what to do next and how to do it, it is also a very good project in helping Mother Earth.

This project is not only environmentally friendly; this will also save you thousands of money for the electricity bill. So Ladies, why not Make Solar Panels now and test also your electronics ability.


  1. Never tried anything like it ate, am scared lol..

  2. ay gusto ko yan, mahilig kc ko magkutingting ng kahit ano, when I was left alone in the house and hubby's at work, mahilig akong mag trouble-shoot.I really like to have that solar power na yan, kasi super taas ng electric bill namin.


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