I know the hair is a woman’s crowning glory, but lately I really have no time attending to it, I can spend much for the treatment though, but sitting right at that salon chair would eat up my time. I often ask myself my humans only have two hands and two feet, I could have done many things at the same time.

Anyway, this is not about that it’s about my hair care, this is a post I long promised my friend IMRIZ to join her meme, Beauty is skin deep every weekend.

I must admit again I’m no loyal to one brand; I shift from one shampoo to another whatever is new and ‘swak’ to my senses. The last time I went to the grocery, this pack made me pick it up immediately because of the freebie, lol. It’s actually good, although it does not live-up to its promise of eliminating frizzes at least it actually work differently for me, it made my hair light and easy to manipulate. I do DIY hair treatment from time to time, I buy normally from Watsons, and it’s convenient to do for a busy mom like me.

Before putting on my period, let me share this hair care tip…. HAIR KITCHEN REMEDY...

You need a half cup of warm coconut milk (not the oil), a piece of cotton and a shower cap.

Rub the warm milk on your scalp, then comb through your hair. Cover with a shower cap for one hour. Shampoo until oiliness is removed leaving only a silky feeling on your hair.

So there, want to share your hair care products, remedies too, join IMRIZ every weekend on her BEAUTY IS SKIN DEEP meme.


  1. ah,warm pala dapat,kasiako yung freshly squeeze coconut milk,,,

  2. great tip here, vernz. my mom used to do that. para daw healthy un scalp.
    ako din when i buy things, un may mga freebies kinukuha ko kya paiba iba ng brand, hehe. ganun tlg ata mga mommies:)

    thanks for joining sistah. mwahhh. tc:)

  3. ha di na jud ko mo usab aning rejoice kay sa damakmak na kaspa akong nakuha ani..perte nakong laguta kay dako man dayon gud akong gikuha, hay sus, hot sus, kaspa man diay ang resulta...kaya balik pantene na pod ito na talaga waaaaaaaaaaa...commercial man diay to...

    be apil daw ko ani nga meme be heheeh


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