A question raised by Camilla Morton in her book How to Walk in High Hells.

We’re now in a society where everything we do, necessitates pulling out something from our pocket too, whether Ms. Morton agree or not, there’s nothing like free lunch in this space and time. But let’s see, here’s what she suggested on how you can spend nothing;

You can climb to the top of the hill and take in the view
You can paddle in the sea and build sand castles 
(just make sure Storm Juan has left completely before doing this)
You can watch the clouds change and make shapes 
(I wonder if I can do this under scorching sun on top of our roof)
Sit in a park, and play designer label I Spy 
(just plain people watching will do, I do this sometimes)
Watch a spider weave a web 
(note: you can't find spider in your offices now, the janitor will be fired if there things of this kind hanging, maybe back in your ancestral home will do)
Feel the wind blow in your hair 
(I missed this experience, I think I should do this one of these days)
Laugh till your face and stomach hurt 
(make sure they know you do it for therapy, or else people seeing you might think something else)

I think I’m convinced, thanks Ms. Morton.

or have a trip to baywalks like this and just sit back relax and free your mind


  1. Oh beautiful skies & love that view!!! Great WW post!

  2. oh, the things we can do without spending a cent are much more enjoyable!:p i'd certainly prefer to walk by this pier than be in the mall.:p

  3. Thanks for sharing these interesting ways...
    So lovely watery views :)

  4. I echo Luna Miranda's comment ;)
    Fantastic shots, thanks for sharing....serenity in its splendor!

  5. Wonderful photos here Vernz. I love the tranquil scene.

  6. It's hard not to relax when you see such beauty. La

  7. I 1000% agree to the words above. So many people look at the different way that in fact yung makakapagpasaya sa atin ay libre!! Happy Thursday!
    Thanks sa bisita!
    The Lake

  8. It is so peaceful and serene, a beautiful place to commune with God and nature.

  9. Nice shots, Vernz. Love all your photos.

  10. ahhh... that is life! ;)
    i love looking at this kind of scenes, the serenity it gives to your soul. also you will really think that how great GOD is for creating such beauty... ;)
    anyway, love your new header, sis!
    about my blog layout, you can see freebies here:


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