I was watching Ciara Sotto pole dancing at Jessica Soho’s show on GMA Sunday night, I was just awed by how a simple and sweet actress like Ciara has come out of her shell and performed so well, it just blow me wow!

What I knew about pole dancing is a sensual dance performed with striptease in cabarets, bars, and sometimes performed by a go-go dancer in an erotic manner. It just awed me that through time indeed this kind of performing art has leaped from a strip club exclusive performances and now can also be performed in a non-erotic environment. In fact, seeing Ciara Sotto performed had slowly erased my preconceived notions of pole dancing as dirty dancing and made me appreciate this art even more. There's so much to pole dancing because even celebrities like Cindy Crawford went to take pole-dancing classes, she said to keep her marriage alive. I wonder how she would wiggle and spin..hmmmm.

What awed me more is seeing how a pole dancer developed such a significant strength, endurance and flexibility. I’m trying to do some spins-I can do it, climbs- not today, inversions- I doubt it. I think I’ve developed much my one hand typing ability and not my grip ability, lol. But seriously, this exercise is quite interesting, how would you like to try it, er, see Ciara Sotto perform here. Awesome!


Karen Chayne said...

gusto pud ko mu try ana ate pero paminaw ko mabilin or mupilit akong bilbil sa pole... bwahahaha!

Unknown said...

ako pod gusto ko mo try pero mangita sa ko ani pampahid sa katawan kay aron mupilit ko sa pole ug dili mahulog nyahahaha

anne said...

as in inantay kong mag load ang video girl at akoy napanganga hehehe grabe wow as in wow

Josie said...

so galing, I heard about it, but this is the first time I saw it, nakakatuwa ung nakabitin cya, :D

w0rkingAth0mE said...

i watched this on talentadong pinoy, and i was shocked with her performance really galing, major major talaga =)

Chubskulit Rose said...

Wowowow as in, gaking galing naman.. I love the new look of your blog ate, very clean!

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